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Hello and welcome to another Friday night guitar thread. Once again, I'll go ahead and get you started.

This is another one that EH has been working on for quite some time. When you listen, please realize that she's doing the rhythm - which is all you're hearing except for the fairly obvious places where I do the lead.

This is a fairly technical song and rather advanced. I'm legitimately impressed that she pulled it off. Without further ado, here's the Eldest Hoodlum and TheBuddha Band, covering another Metallica song, "Master of Puppets."


Ha! She tells me to tell you that she played it passionately. She's stealing my lines! She further adds that she had to reduce the quality due to filesize limits.

This is my guitar student, in whom I am well pleased. She puts her hours in and we can track her progress through the archives.

I don't think I'll be here late tonight, but you don't need my help anymore. Rock on, goats. Rock on!

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Damn, this is good. Kudos to you both.

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"Thank you! It was really hard but I did it!"

Thanks. We work pretty hard to bring you material that meets our level of satisfaction and we usually try for a broad appeal. She's been on a Metallica kick lately. That's a good thing. It pushes her to learn and be productive with her practice.

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Damn great job EH and Buddha, this is a tricky tune too. I tried to sing along but I coughed out half my heart and a liver.

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"Thank you!"

And thanks. It's pretty complicated. I linked the tab in a comment.

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You know, you did tell me that you had James Hetfield chained to a radiator in your basement a couple weeks ago. This is just confirmation

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LOL She's been working on that one for weeks. It involves four pedals, numerous timing changes, a variety of picking methods, and precision to get the silent parts correct and the major changes done properly. It's maybe the most advanced thing she's ever recorded for Voat.

She says, "Say thanks to Crazy. It was hard."

I'm legitimately impressed with her work on this one. She chose to learn it. (Also, I just heard that pentatonic in your song! I'm still listening.) Anyhow, she opted to learn it. I'd have suggested she wait another six months to try, but she put a ton of hours into it.

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Kick ass. She did it proud.


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"Thank you. It was really difficult. I did it!"

She also does all the mixing and editing. I hate doing it. It didn't take her long before she was faster at it than I was. Then she started exploring options I have never even used.

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Lo$T - Wishing Well



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I don't comment often.

I dig this.

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This made my day, thank you! I hope your Saturday is filled with at least one smile!

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@c_corax said it best. This thread is where we concentrate on things we like instead of things we hate.

'Snot my kinda music - but I can assure you that I coudn't make that. It is kinda catchy. What genre would you call that?

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Have no idea, maybe r&b/hip hop?!

And I appreciate the room for growth immensely, especially in our very own voat.

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This is not the kind of music I usually listen to, but I listened to this one. Nice groove. Keep doing what you do man!

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Cool. Not my normal style either but you obv put some work into it! Mind sharing what tools/software you use?

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Wow! I’m really inspired by all of you guys! I thought voat was a goofy off collar forum but I’d love to share some more of my guitar work and get on more with you all! Keep it up !

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The more the merrier! Jump on in the water is fine!

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We have had this thread every Friday night for a long time. That's why it gets stickied, or at least part of why.

We'll definitely be keeping it up.

To participate, just jump in and start sharing. The thread opens every Friday at 20:00 Eastern US.

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Thanks! I’m eager to record some this week for next Friday!

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Good evening everybody, Happy Friday! I've had a fun week. Lots of excitement. Like last Saturday, it was 4/20 and so there was a bonfire and a party at my buddy Verle's house. My friend Chris who I jam with and often share songs we play was there as well. So Verle, Chris, and I played acoustic guitars and they sang, along with some other folks there occasionally, and we played a whole bunch of music that night while drinking a whole bunch of beer and smoking a whole bunch of pot. I'm going to share some drunken music with you all tonight from that party. I picked this particular track to start off with simply because Verle says hello to us VOAT goats at the beginning. Though the talking and nonsense goes on for over three minutes before any music breaks out. I think music eventually breaks out. We were just playing. I called it the Goat Serenade enjoy.

Like I said, we're drunk

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You guys have too much fun. I look forward to this day every week just to listen and enjoy. Rock on fuckers.

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It's amazing how Chris' accent disappears when he's singing.

And, I want an encore of the Opie Is An Idiot song - with the link!

Verle is as unintelligible as always! I can't understand most of what he says!

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understanding drunkenease is a gift you should have already. it's an art form really and by now you should have it. lol

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I'm starting to get the feeling Verle likes to drink and you guys like to join in. Fun, fun, fun till the daddy takes the T-Bird away.

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We all like to drink!

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I wanted to try to work this one out better but I'm getting sick my throats scratchy and coughy, This is the best I could do, I even coughed somewhere in the song, if my throat relaxes I'll try something else later on but here's something for now.

Here's my quick take on No Cigar by Millencollin. https://instaud.io/3Bt7

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that was really good!

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Thank you.

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I notice that now that you're singing and playing, you're making big strides in getting the vocals down - meaning there's less hesitancy and greater syncopation with what you're playing.

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I'm becoming more comfortable, I'm not so much trying to do both together as I am just doing both at the same time, before it felt very robotic and probably sounded like it too. Before it felt like I was "tryingtoplayguitarandsingatthesametime", where now it feels more like "I am playing guitar and I am singing" I don't know if that makes sense but now my reflexes have caught up to the point where I can think of each part individually as opposed to feeling cluttered and ocerwhelmed. It's only a matter of time until I can sing and toss in some little leads at the same time.

I'm thinking of trying to write a song one of these weeks but I'm shit at lyrics, I got riffs n melodies though. I can probably wing something about random nonsense which I guess is what most songs are anyways.

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Nice job, mang.

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You're voice does sound a hair bit different this week, but your guitar playing sounds better than ever. So there's that! Nice job, sounded pretty good to me

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I'm getting much more comfortable walking and chewing gum at the same time. even if I can't walk for shit tonight I can still chew gum.

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I don't have any audio, but I'm rather proud of myself for the progress I've made since you fuckers inspired me to pick the guitar back up.

I can follow all the chords to Teach Your Children, and I'm making my way through some of the little picky bits to Here Comes the Sun. This is the best I've ever done so far, and I credit you bastards for it.

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Awesome! Keep at it, you will get better and better!

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By all means, record it and share with us. That way you can also have a record to look back on and chart your progress. Glad to hear you're resuming your journey.

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You can record with your phone. Oddly, Sony makes a voice recorder app that doesn't seem to spy on you.

You don't need to be good to share.

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Sweet! :) happy days Sir! So very glad you are here!

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About a month ago I shared a track that I wrote about my friend Opie getting arrested for his 7th drunken driving offense. Well the other night he was on the local news, and I learned the rest of the story. He left out quite a bit. he truly is an idiot, as the news article can attest. So in honor of his getting publicity for his stupidity, I present to you the song inspired by these actual events, Opie's an Idiot

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Obviously, I already read the article - but I did want to hear the song again. It really is my favorite of your songs. It also shows a whole lot of progress from your earlier days. Damned right, it is awesoome!

Opie is an idiot. Opie is an alcoholic,

This is, I think, your best work so far.

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Thanks. He truly is an idiot

It might be the best one as far as sound and the mix but I have some other music that I like better.

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really, me too

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Dang, sounds like Opie is fucked. I liked the song.

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It's not looking good for him. Last time I saw him he said he thinks he will get out in 18 months. I didnt have the heart to ruin his day, the judge is going to do that

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Woooooot, YAS!

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For better or worse, but at some point we won't be able to say that. So make each day the best one ever.

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Too true dear Sir! Good evening :)

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