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Evening everyone ... Happy Guitar Friday !!! https://soundcloud.com/carl-suiter/my-oldest-friend-original-song ... This is a song I wrote called my Oldest Friend ...

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Tremendous. That's a great song and you have such an awesome sound. Just tremendous.

Thank you for sharing that with us

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Thank You crazy_eyes ......

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The country gentleman is back! What a true troubadour. You are always so top notch and we appreciate it so much that you're blessing us with your music.

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Thank you ... I appreciate the kind words

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That works - that's a classic country sound you've got there - voice is perfect for that too - very solid.

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A song worth actually dusting off the old Epiphone 6832E and learning! http://images.easyfreeclipart.com/1745/symbol-essen-icon-stock-vektor-colourbox-1745641.jpg

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This is a song I wrote a while back called My Life Is Much Too Sad To Be A Country Song ..... https://soundcloud.com/carl-suiter/my-life-is-much-too-sad-to-be

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Thats hilarious. Did I hear someone blowing a jug in that song?

Man you got some great stuff, keep writing these songs.

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Great ear yes the was a jug in the back round ...

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You play that backwards and everything turns up roses.

Good one.

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https://instaud.io/3uaU [Motley Noodle - Jussie's Song]

Also, for more important things, if you want to know the (((root))) of evil..


NHG Mtg Info..

8919 BD7E E72D 44DE A4B9 EBF8 DC14 B9AA

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Frickin aye! Best song. I stop scrolling.

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Man, what did your neighbors think of that one?

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We set off tannerite and shoot from the back porch. They come over and partake from the keg and talk about the return of the Reich.

They're pretty cool about it.

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There you go! Thats some Friday night rock and roll!

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Just got in from fishing, got nothing this week, but I'll see if I can whip something up after I clean some fish and smoke a doobie. Poured boiled water on my hand yesterday too so that's gonna make it fun, I used injury as an excuse last week though, this week I'm manning up.

https://instaud.io/3ueK <--I manned up, also posted in a comment of it's own, but this may be easier to find.

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When you're ready, the stage is yours.

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I have no idea what I'm even going to play, has to be something with no big stretches, I was making coffee for ice fishing with a melita pourover coffee filter thing the day before yesterday, and it tipped and my dumb ass caught about half a liter(quart) of straight up boiling water. Now my hand is all red blistery chapped and peeling. Wasn't as bad as it could have been but there's not much good about it either.

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I hear the voices in my head scream Encore ENCORE!!!!, so here it is. https://instaud.io/3ufC

my hand hurts like hell and if you listen to the beautiful improvised outro I threw in there you can tell.

Here's the Dijon version of Cool Kids by Screeching Weasel

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I used to love this CD too haha. 90’s punk rock was the best

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It was/is the best. Most of my best memories in life are 90's punk rock memories.

Over the next few weeks I think I'm gonna bust out some 90's punk, pants are falling down by deisel boy maybe, or I might go on a me first and the gimme gimmes binge and do a bunch of them. So much punk so little time, I'm a huge Lagwagon fan too but I don't think I can even attempt any of their songs vocally. I'd love to try though. Millencolin maybe No Cigar or Duckpond or something.

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Acoustic punk rock! Love it!

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Acoustic Punk rock is my second favourite genre next to punk rock.

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Decided to dust off my weissenborn tonight and fumble my way through an old tune by Blind Willie Johnson.

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Nice slide work there, I feel like I just went back a hundred years in time

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Damn near. I think the first recording was 1927 or so

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Love this song, this version and Zeppelins. You nailed the vocals well. Great job.

I did a history article on it a while ago.


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That was a great write up! I’m going to listen to the other versions now. I have an old record of Blind Willy but don’t know if I’ve listened to other renditions or not.

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Happy Friday Night Everybody!

I have a song this week for you that I have shared with you a long time ago. I remixed it and tried to fix the vocals, there was parts in it where i was singing the wrong lines at the wrong times. I have fixed that. I didn't write the words for this one, this gorgeous woman sitting here beside me wrote this as a poem some years ago when she was in high school. She showed me some poems she wrote before she went away on a family trip, and while she was gone I put this one to music. I like it. It's dark. It's Black

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I can hear some some shades of Jim Morrison in some of the vocals, not just the lyrics. The production and mixing are really great, digging it.

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Thanks. Im glad you like it. It's still just me singing. I might have to kidnap a singer and chain them to the radiator or something LoL, but first i would have to find one, and that seems impossible for me LoL So till then you're stuck with me singing

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Good evening all, glad you could be here. TheBuddha and EH are off enjoying another passion, rally racing. She's learning and he's teaching. They have asked me to share a track they did earlier this week. So, as Ronnie Van Zant said, "Turn It Up!".

Hello, my fellow goats. I'm not here. By the time you read this, EH and I will be three days into our Rally School Adventure! Right now, we're either at a restaurant or we're still at the school.

This week, we wanted to do a track that has a different learning goal. This week, we are working on "Knowing Your Audience." The lesson is how to answer this question: "What song can we play that will appeal to most of our audience?" (Namely, goats being our audience for this.)

As such, we've chosen a song that's certain to appeal to most. Put your hands together for The Eldest Hoodlum and TheBuddha Band, as they cover Sweet Home Alabama!


This is my guitar student understudy, in whom I am well pleased! We'll both try to check in on the thread before we crash out for the night.

Rock on, goats. Rock on.

EH said "Sweet Home Alabama" isn't too hard. She's getting better at using the harder but quicker G - which is done with the middle through pinky finger, which leaves the pointer for other things. It's harder to learn but it makes it easier when you do learn it.

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Man I've always had a hard time with that G fingering. I use it just about everytime and my fucking pinky doesn't always land on the string. Especially the second string. Pisses me off. She'll get it though.

Excellent job on this Lynyrd Skynyrd song. Always loved that opening riff.

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Practice chromatic runs 1234 1234 1234 1234 all fingers all strings up and down, then spread them 1357 1357 1357 1357 up and down, then mix up lines E-1 A-2 D-3 G-4 D-3 A-2 E-1 etc etc frontwards and backwards up and down until your pinky is useful. It sucks at first and its hard but I can do sweet trills with my pinky now.

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Sounds great! She should have been playing a G like that all along.And here I thought she had a good teacher!

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She should know both. And she should know the cheater G, with the thumb over.

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Obviously I will leave all replies for his tracks to him, but post them. He should check in later and will see them.

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