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Hello everyone, I heard this song on the radio today and I just had this urge to sing it. I don't even drink whiskey but it felt so cool. So I mic'd up and tried playing some strings on the geetar while listening to it in the background... so it's let's have fun making it up as we go along on the geetar day! :D

Tennessee Whiskey by Nadeshda


I think @PuttItOut may enjoy a glass of whiskey every now and then, don't tell @Puttsmum about this and yes I know @thedirtypuma does :) Who am I forgetting @clamhurt_legbeard?

@LegalPerson you there?

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Oh yeah! Your singing is sweeter than a pound of sugar covered in corn syrup buried in honey! I loved it! Thank You!

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Lolol, so pretty much; apart from the honey, I am not good for you!!!! Haha! ;)

You’re always so sweet with with your compliments... shucks Sir I just enjoy this song... I better practice playing the guitar better with it though... just a thought...

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very pretty!

i dont think ive heard that song before

thanks so much for sharing it with us

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Thank you Sir, glad you enjoyed it! The dude does it so much nicer then me... He tickles my toes when he sings it, I guess that is why I like it... lol

Listen to a PRO do it..



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Lovely cover. Didn't I introduce you to this song a good while back?

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You did :)

EDIT part: Heard it yesterday and thought I really want to sing it! Thank you for sharing this song with me, way back when in the time machine... ;)

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Super late to the party tonight but I’m here now to check out a couple tunes!

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Woot! So glad you made it!

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Thanks, putt.

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You are here!!!

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For a very short window of time. Then I'm not here.

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Who is putt? I keep hearing references to this person or whatever it means. I will submit some audio, I play the piano and harmonica.

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Putt? Just some guy that's new around here. (aka: site owner, aka PuttItOut)

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Sounds great, can't wait!

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Since Sunday is St Patricks Day, Chris and I learned some Irish tunes. This one Chris sang in Gaelic, I'm not sure what that is. Happy St Patricks weekend! No more snakes! Óró Sé Do Bheatha Abhaile

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Where the heck did he learn Gaelic? I'd bet Harry would know what it means and the whole story behind it, but this is probably the busiest weekend for him.

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I have no idea! Im not sure he even knows what the words mean. He might have just learned to sing along with someone singing that. I dont know. I think he's off with some chick tonight. I thought that was a perfect song to share for the holiday this weekend

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Wow that is pretty special, that he did it in Gaelic the Welsh language... @clamhurt_legbeard did you catch this one?

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I was very impressed.

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Sorry for the yt link, and you have to wonder what they cut... Amhran Dochais

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Sounds like a good day! Happy St, Patricks Day!

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> Make electronic music

challenge accepted

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Thanks for sharing. I like some of the sounds but it feels like just a rhythm track, I kept listening for a melody. I didn't hear one. You could add one over the top of that and it would be awesome. Dont take this bad, Im happy you shared.

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Nah, it's all good. I did say it was something lo-fi; more like background music, if anything. Was gonna share another one of my piano tracks, but the perfectionism won't let any of these go. Have to go back through them and clean them up further. Maybe read a couple tutorials on mastering solo piano tracks, 'cause wew boy, I can't quite get them to sound good on everything. :\

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The best bit of Voat.

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Do you play?

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Um, I sing badly (my accent is English) and I whistle goodly. A whistling thing is coming soon to a sub near you. I play the decks, nothing else but I'm trying to learn violin right now. I'm sick on Technics...

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I was requested by @TheBuddha to post this in his absence. He and the band are rocking the whole weekend, but may stop by later (or tomorrow) if he can.

Turn this puppy up, it is exquisite!!

I am not here. I am also not in this recording. This is EH and J, bending your imagination. Well, I don't really know, as I haven't actually listened to the recording. I'm told I can't listen to it early.

Enjoy your guitar thread goats, and have a track made for you by the young ladies.

Put your hands together and headphones on for Pink Floyd - Time, by the EH and J Band!


Rock on, goats. Rock on!

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Excellent!!!! So nice, I love this! Such a classic Sir!!!

The ladies are superb!

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@---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------ @---%------------

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Damn ladies. That was awesome. You gonna kick the old dude out of your band or something. I'm worried for him.

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That sounds perfect. Man O Man! Nailed it!

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Not only the playing by both of them, but the production is excellent. EH nailed Gilmours bends and intonation, and J is primarily a keyboardist and vocalist plus rhythm guitarist. She pulled off Waters playing so well. I really think this is one of their best so far, but their quality is always so high it's hard to tell.

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Why would anyone downvote this post? 🧐

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beats me

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I'll be blatantly honest. Another goat mentioned that the "angel investor's" terms were to have this stickied for no fucking reason, only thing I can think of is to get more traffic to their shitty generic guitar music. And fuck it, I'm starting to believe it.

Don't get me wrong, some of the stuff here is decent, but it's just sus how it's always stickied.



EDIT: Fuck country music and bourbon whiskey. Scotch all the way.

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Here is another Dylan song that Chris and I learned the other night. This one turned out great too, with a whole different sound to it. I just added a hair of reverb to my guitar and it sounds heavenly behind Chris singing and his acoustic. Ramona

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I love that french horn or whatever that was you added. It never dawned on me to add something like that. Great production move. Really clever. Were you listening to Can't Always Get What you Want when that idea popped up? Love that they added French Horn in that song.

Great song. I discovered this one a few years ago. "I can see that your head has been twisted and fed with worthless foam from the mouth." Excellent lyric. Line fits a ton of people's views and ways.

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That sound is me playing guitar. I just added a touch of reverb in the reaper and my guitar sounded like that. I don't really know why, but I like the hell out of it.

Those lyrics in both these Dylan songs are pure genius

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