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the addition of the 8th (+) string defined the last decade in metal, as made obvious with Animals as Leaders and Meshuggah.

I feel a renaissance is on the horizon, though. As musicians will need to gig more and more because of the degenerate music industry, I think dinner jazz and big band scene will return as high class entertainment offerings.

Or, at least I hope they do. I have a mortgage to pay!

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Are you a performing artist? If so, any particular genre?

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Yes, and it depends on the night/gig. Chapman stick at the bar, solo jazz guitar for hotels, drums for the trio, and then I go back to working with local bands in my home studio. It sounds like a lot, but its really only a few hours out of my evenings because just about everything is local.

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i feel you brotha. lol.

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I think it’s going to go more into a niche category. I was in the Friday guitar blog and explained about my son. To make a long story short when he was about sixteen playing a guitar game I suggested he take up a real guitar. I showed him 3 cords. The next day he was doing bar cords. A few years later he wrote a song called Imitation. Now at 28 he’s the frontman for a band called Killscreen. This is his latest “Album”. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5598AVDCT4neXhEDBHdQHOFgN3SEtirD I doubt if he will ever have mass appeal. There is a small select group that really enjoys it. The venues are more into sales than the art. His stuff may be unique. I don’t know. Getting recognized that’s a different ballgame.

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Just look at 1978 before Van Halen appeared on the scene, it was all disco and crap dominating the airways, all it takes is a great band with a great album

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Blows my mind that DLR is a jew.

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It's sometimes hard, but music can be separated from the celebrity. I struggle with it at times, even when I disagree with the lyrical content. Still, I can appreciate the music as art and talent in spite of it.