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https://soundcloud.com/carl-suiter/on-my-way-to-well-original .... Evening everyone .... Hope you like this one

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Wow, that was rich. Really appreciate you sharing. Thanks.

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Goddammit Santa, this sounds so good, it should be on the radio. Maybe I need to get into country playing, that's where the deep voices really seem to shine.

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That was excellent. Man that song could be written about me. I dont know for sure, but I'm thinking you wrote that about you. I can relate to everything you're saying in that one. You're voice sounds so freaking great for that kind of music. I think people would line up to pay to listen to you sing your songs. I'm happy you found us all here and share your music with us! Great work!

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Nice work. Makes me think of 1970's 18 wheelers. :D

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Actually not my favorite genre, but the vibrato was remarkable. I work my ass off to achieve that skill and am nowhere near that ability. Nicely done.

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I had the luxury of some good influences to choose from - Lynch, DeMartini, EVH, Lee, Campbell, Rhodes, Downing, Murry, Smith, Gers, . . . All had tons of style to go with their tech skills.

Nuno, Petruuci, etc have picked up the cross; but after this generation, I'm not sure who's going to keep the fire burning.

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Ooooh yeah! Nice! Sweet rolling rhythm indeed... :) nice, who is playing what?

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  • 2 tracks of MIDI drums
  • 1 track MIDI bass
  • 3 tracks guitar (2 rhythm, 1 lead)
  • 2 tracks for the vocals
  • 2 bus tracks - 1 for guitar, 1 for vocals
  • 2 fx sends - 1 for chorus/reverb(room), 1 for reverb/delay(tape)

so, me just goofin' around.

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Ha! Very crunchie. I like!

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Is that you on the drums also?

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MIDI.. via Push (Ableton).. I usually run a basic "click" type track and then punch in some accents on another track.. Kinda makes it feel more realistic.

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@theBuddha is playing a gig tonight and asked me to step in and host the festivities tonight.

He also sent me this to pass along to all of you:

I am not here. I am just getting to a bar that calls itself a blues club. It's a bit of a hipster joint.

To get in the mood for some blues, I did a little improv picking. At least I'm pretty sure it's not some song I've just forgotten the title to. I didn't really think it through that much. I've got stuff to do!


Rock on, goats! Rock on!

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That tunes a trip, I mean it's blues, but you can tell it's played by a Classically trained guitarist, a couple of those chord voicings(major chords maybe) almost made me feel like a little vivaldiesque interlude was going to pop up. I loved it though nice interesting track with a smooth vibe.

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He plays so fucking good

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Thank you for the kind words. I try to hold myself to high standards. I can't always count on other people to hold me to those standards, so I have to do it myself.

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That recording really reminded me of a Keb' Mo' concert I went to a couple years ago. That was some serious entertainment. I'd put TheBuddha and Keb' Mo' on the same stage any day.

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He's so great. I'm about to share a different song of his be sure to check it out.

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Thanks. One of my favorite genres to play is the blues. It's also one of the genres where I get to play around and improv.

I get to hold that note just a moment longer, or play an entirely different note. I get to pick that tone and apply it so that it sends the message I want it to send. I get to decide how much bend I want to place there.

It's very freeing when I'm used to making, or obligated to make, faithful reproductions.

I've sat a whole lot of blues sessions.

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This is so fucking rad

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I am glad you enjoyed it! I love me some blues playing.

I was sorta going for Delta blues, but lacked a rhythm guitarist so I had to try to improv both at the same time. It's a little complicated but you get used to counting different counts at the same time. Your fingers will adjust to the syncopation. It gets easier the more you do it.

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This made me tear up and I felt stupid but then I read the comments and everyone was saying how remarkable of a player @theBuddha is so now I don't feel so crazy. Touched my soul.

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@TheBuddha puts his heart and soul into his playing. I love it.

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That's why I love the blues, and music in general.

For an altogether brief few hours, I get to make people emote. They laugh, dance, sing along, cry, and then go off to have sex with one another! It's pretty much the best day ever.

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There's no need to feel stupid. music is the language of emotions. Its way of sharing feelings without needing a single word, by sharing the actual feeling through music instead

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Happy Friday Everybody! I'll go ahead and get this party started. This is a song I wrote a while back and just finally got around to getting it all together the way I wanted it to be. Some of you may have heard this before as I shared it sometime in the past before I put the lyrics on it and the lead guitar. This is the song I would open all of my concerts with if I ever get a band together and start playing my songs for the people out there listening to live music. I just think it would really set the tone for the show and start it all off with a lot of energy and grab their attention that I'm not giving back till the show is over. I just love how it turned out. It sounds like a party to me. That's what it's supposed to be, the start of a party, which is why I called it Party Time!

Also, I should ping @puttitout, to see if he'd like to work his magic again this week.

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Haha I love this, such a fun song. The first like 2 seconds reminded me of black sabbath for some reason I think it's the guitars tone, but then it went off in a way different direction

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I love Black Sabbath so hey! Its all goood!

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That will certainly get them rocking. One helluva bitchin solo.

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Hell yeah! I want to get them rocking! Thanks cof!

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I just re-watched Repo Man the other day. This would fit right into that sound track. Reminds me of Black Flag. Sucks that Rollins went full retard the last few years, though.

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Thanks. Yeah Henry is nuts

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It has a very punk vibe to it. I like it.

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I didnt set out to make a punk rock song. Just wanted a high energy rock and roll song.

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I've played this song for a year and still can't get it. Guy on YT named Jorge Nolla plays it and sells his tabs. I bought it like a year ago.

I can't believe how people make playing a song look so easy but it's so hard to play.

Amanda McBroom wrote it. Bette Midler sang it. Man I wish I could play it better. I'll keep trying. Today I gave it 16 tries and finally said fuck it. Also got a Audio Interface and messed around with loops. Couldn't help myself and threw in a loop.

The Rose

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That's really nice. Good tone. You're a much harsher critic of yourself than you need to be. You sound fine, keep motivated, and keep practising. If you keep these recordings around, you can go back a few months later and hear how much you've improved.

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Thanks. You're the go-to music guy. Course it's easy to dig music when you grew up in the boomer era. Great music that lasts forever.

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sings along

"Some say love..."

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I love this song my mother sang it and I can play it on the harmonica and piano. I love your rendition of it! It sounds rather difficult but you do it wonderfully! Oh thank you Sir so much for sharing this, it’s filled with memories! I could sing to this... maybe I will try sing to it if you don’t mind...

[–] nigger_plz 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

I thought your voice could fit with this song. Yeah sing it. Accompany me if you want. Curious to hear what comes out.

I heard girls sing it at Scaryoke over and over and I got hooked on it.

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Sounded pretty damn good. I can hear how that would be a hard one to play, the different strings sometimes played together sometimes not. I think it comes down to muscle memory, the more you do it the easier it gets

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I don't have any nails so I have to pick with my flesh and the back of the nails hit the string next to it sometimes. I can't stand it when my nails start getting long, I wind up messing with them till they rip off.

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Just a lurker getting a smile from the goodwill you have built here. My best to all of you.

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Thanks, enjoy the music. There are some extremely talented goats in here tonight sharing their talents

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Thanks for checkin in buddy, Lurkers are just as welcome as players here. This weeks got some good tunes too. Cheers.

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The thread is for musicians, lurkers, and folks interested in music or that have questions.

In other words, this thread is also for you.

Do you play?

[–] indy0704 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Used to. Still love music though. Saw Kansas last week (had to be talked into it but glad I went).


Going to see Adrian Belew this week.

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Here is a song sung and played by a good friend of mine Christopher.We were going to play it together but never got the time, so he sent me this. its a Grateful Dead song dire wolf

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Since you asked so nicely and so many times.. You may live.

[–] crazy_eyes [S] 0 points 8 points (+8|-0) ago 

Thanks for everything Putt!

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This sounds so sweet, nice voice on your buddy, smooth vibe.

[–] nigger_plz 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

This is a great song. I never heard it. Well done.

[–] Nadeshda 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Very nice Chris, such an easy listening voice!

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Made it nice and early this time around, Here's a fun one for you guys. https://instaud.io/3oHd

I went LOW, like real low, tunes my guitar all the way down to B standard for this one, it's more in my comfort range for singing, still getting over being sick so my voice still isn't the best it could be.

I spent all week trying to learn multi-track recording and I'm getting there but still doesn't feel as good as I can do in a one shot bang though. Eventually I would like to have a complete song with separate guitar bass and vocal tracks maybe even a drum machine or something.

Anyways Here is a cover of a cover. Summer Breeze - originally recorded by Seals and Crofts, but based on Type O Negatives Cover version.

[–] Nadeshda 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

Very nice Sir! It suits you and it rawks. The grungy vocals are pretty cool actually! Moar!!!

I just got my stuff in the right place but have to hook it up for the first time in 3 months. The cables that’s it and the mic’s still. I will potter tonight for sure hopefully share some stuffses later. :)

[–] Mustard_of_puppets 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Thank you. I'm trying to learn to sing, I find it hard to find songs that my voice can suit. I have a low voice, so when I try to go high it goes raspy, and if I try to sing fast I sound mumbly.

I actually never sang before in my life, not in the shower nothing, then I guess about a month or so ago now I taught myself to sing and play at the same time and since then I've just been exploring and practicing.

In life I'm quiet, I don't talk if I don't have to let alone sing so this is all new to me.

[–] Mustard_of_puppets 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

And While I was in B I had to do Blood and Fire by Type O Negative as well. https://instaud.io/3oH6

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Woo, this is goood! Very nice Sir! Liking it a lot! So darn soulful you! :)

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This one sounded better to my ears. I likes this one better too. Maybe its the tempo or the lyrics LoL, Great song Mustard!!!

[–] crazy_eyes [S] 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

I remember this song from the old days. LoL. I could barely hear you singing. Nice guitar playing Mustard Man!

[–] Mustard_of_puppets 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

I ran a noise reduction on it I think it muddied things up. I should have left it raw I think.

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Is that Paul that you're playing through?

[–] Mustard_of_puppets 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Thats actually just my acoustic dropped 2 and a half steps down to B, the distorted sound is really just the strings flopping away like loose spegetti noodles. I like it, it's pretty fun to play.

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