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TheBuddha has spoken:

Sorry guitar goats, I can't be here. So, I've asked COF to share this with you.

I don't want to take up too much of your time, so I'll be brief!

So, I'm just going to insert two quotes, and get right to the music.

Me: "It's important that you know I played this passionately."

EH: "He's drunk."

Damned right. I conned her into learning Micheal Jackson's 'Beat It.' Why? So I could play one of my favorite lead pieces. It's a guilty pleasure. It's a lovely piece for a lead guitarist and I think it was Eddie Van Halen that wrote that one and recorded in the studio.


EH wants me to add that it's easy rhythm guitar and crunky.

And, I want to remind you... Passionately.

We'll try to stop by after tonight's show, but that's not anything I can promise. Rock on, goats. Rock on.

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I'm backstage right now. I'm told they're turning people away at the door. It's noisy out there. It should be a good show and I have a plan to make it extra special. We've got guests coming onstage and we've been told we can play as late as we want - so long as we're done at 12:45.

I'd listen to @crazy_eyes' track, but it's loud even back here.

I'll stick around for a few minutes, but not long. Thanks for posting that for us. EH would say hello, but she's working. We're pumping music over our sound system.

It's gonna be a good show. I'm now looking forward to it.

Rock on goats!

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have yourself the best day ever!

Rock their brains out Buddha man!

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Woot, you rawk!!! Shhh, I rather like old school Michael! Thanks for sharing!

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Well all right! Hello COF!

Love this song! Great solo! Eh did the rhythm nicely

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Howdy. As I understand it, he only gave her a few hours to learn it. I think she did a great job, adding in those small flourishes that shows she is really understanding what she's doing. And him taking on a EVH solo takes some balls.

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Sounds damn good. Rumor was that Eddy did the solo in 1 take and they were like OK we got what we need, but who really knows. When do we get the video ? LOL

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I did drunk singing. I'm not gonna do drunk video.

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I found this on my phone, I'm not sure if I shared it already though, it's from early october https://instaud.io/3fDj sounds pretty cool to me.

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I agree with crazy. Out on the porch in the backwoods, flies buzzing around and the old dog lazing in the sun. Very mellow.

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Awesome. It sounds like swamp music. Something I'd hear way back in the woods. That would draw me in like a moth to flame. Love it!!

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Sweet! It has a great feel to it and the lead flows really well!

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Ah dude love the sound! Really good and chilled... I have recently come to realise I love swamp rock, this is sweet!!!

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I been working on writing new songs. I want to have enough new songs to fill a CD by the end of the year. I have lots of ideas that I been working on. I'm going to share one with you here. I dont know what the hell this is, but it sounds cool to me. The only thing is. I can't fucking play it. I been trying and trying and trying and i always fuck it up. Every damn time.

So this afternoon I had some time and I figured since I dont really have much to share I would try to sit down and play my new riff so I could share it with you all tonight. So i get started. I fucked up within the first 15 - 20 seconds most of the time. Then I'd start over. Once in a while, I would get to 30 or 40 seconds in and then fuck it all up. It was frustrating. Still is. It doesnt really sound that hard. I dont know why the fuck its so hard for me to play. Its not fast. I just find a way to fuck up every time through.

I still think it sounds cool though, I ignored the fuck ups and just kind of played through what my idea is so far, kind of.

I dont know, please listen to it and tell me if I should keep practicing it. I'd like to know how you all think it sounds

i just called it damn thing for now cause of the frustrattion of playing it

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Seriously impressed. I like it and think you should master it.

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why thank you putt!

I'm working on it!

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This! ^

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sounds awesome, have you tried finger picking it instead or even something completely counterintuitive and alternate picking it? sometimes if I change picking patterns or styles I can fall into a groove with things in a way I didn't think of at first.

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I will try some different picking and see if that helps. I think its more my fingers on the fretboard hitting the next string to the one they are supposed to ever so slightly and not letting them ring out thats really giving me the trouble. The picking is fucked up cause of all the string changes though so maybe fingering it will help, ill try it

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Man alive you got some good ideas. That's hard to play. It's like, do you cross pick it like them bluegrass dudes or do you pick it all in one direction like House of the Rising Sun or do you finger pluck them. Plucking them requires nails. If you got nails, that's the easiest way. I guess you gotta try different things.

The fret hand will mute the adjacent string sometimes. It's hard to ring every single note because a lot of shit can go haywire.

You gotta get with the times and just type it in your iPhone and let that do all the work.

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Thanks. Its soo fucking hard, I want all the strings to ring out as im picking the next one, you know what I mean. im picking down down up down, down down up down, and sometimes its on the E string and other times its on the A string instead. Its fucking with my head, then I go and change it, cause I think it sounds better, so i have to relearn it, thats fucks me up too. LoL And i dont have nails, so, thats out of the question, i can use my fingers but not my nails

Im glad you like though. thanks for listening

and isnt typing it into a phone cheating?

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That's got a lot of potential. I'd like to see what you develop it into.

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Thanks! I think so too.

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Happy Friday Night everybody! @theBuddha is busy rocking peoples faces off with his band tonight. So I am stepping in a hosting the Friday Night Guitar Thread this week.

Everyone needs to grab their cell phone and share something!

Like I did at my buddy Verles house a couple of weeks ago. I havent shared this one yet, so here you go, Its me, verle, and christopher all jamming out to the Eagles Peaceful Easy Feeling

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Pretty great! Do you have things individually mic'd or just one room mic? Either way it sounds clean.

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Just the phone sitting on chair in front of us

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I got nothing this week, I fucked up my wrist on my picking hand at work today and can't pick anything. I even tried a compression band but that made me feel kind of like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iONOAazPj2c, so unless the whisky kicks in and solves all the worlds problems like it usually does I'm kind of gimped out.

I'll be around though checking out what you guys got.

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Good to see ya. How's the weather up there? I imagine you've been busy fixing furnaces.

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We just got passed the big cold spell, was 3 weeks of below -30(usually below -40) now it's back around -20 where it should be, hopefully get out ice fishing this weekend,

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You can always pick with your tongue!

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Ok. I'm gonna work on a thing that came to me a few days ago.

I'll post it if I can figure it out....

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Awesome! I look forward to hearing it!

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Ok, here it is.

It's called November, haha.

Edit: two strings

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You might have seen this posted earlier today by someone else, but if not it's worth a listen when you have time (it's like 18 mins long). Rodrigo y Gabriela’s Pink Floyd Cover ‘Echoes’. They do a great job on a song you wouldn't think could be done on just 2 acoustics.


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This is excellent. Thanks for sharing it. Im digging it

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Woh those two are outstanding. I heard Phantom of the Opera in there. I liked it more at 11:40. That door knocking/easy chord part.

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Here is another snippet of a song I been working on. I have these egg shaker things and i think they sound neat, so I wanted a song that includes them. This is what I have so far gettin it on

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I really like that. Sounds to me to have a little Doobie Bro's feel to it.

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Thanks COF!

I think it sounds happy!

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