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The dindu nigged when he should have nogged.

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Thank you.

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Not even worth upvoating though?

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It is very important to know how to fight in addition to being armed. There is a reason why every military focuses on hand to hand fighting as a part of training requirements

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I'm someone who (a) carries every day and (b) competitively boxed / kick-boxed for years. Both weapons and skills are critical.

I've (thankfully!) never had to shoot someone, but I have been in a few situations where my hand-to-hand skills were more critical than my ability to use a gun.

One particular case: Dude tried to sucker punch me on the sidewalk. I caught sight of a punch coming in from the corner of my eye. Before I realized what happened, I had blocked his punch and thrown a cross to his face knocking him down. It was 100% instinct. My cross was weak ... I was off balance ... but it ended being enough to get control of the situation. A gun wouldn't have protected me from being hit.

The second aspect: having boxing / kick-boxing skills has made me a FAR better gun user. We do lots of movement drills with handguns. (Stationary drills are only so useful.) I find that the foot work for these drills comes very easy for me because I did so much footwork training while boxing.

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So you just kill the guy and be tied up in legal battles for the rest of your life? That's stupid, a man should know how to defend himself with his fists and feet.

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That's beyond fucking stupid.

You cannot 'ice a motherfucker' if he threatens you, you complete and utter moron. How fucking old are you, 9?

There is something called proportionality. If someone punches you, you aren't allowed to automatically use deadly force. In fact, you'd be a total pussy if you did.

Not only are you a faggot who can't fight, you obviously didn't take a concealed carry or street defense handgun class, where they would have told you about when the use of firearms is legal.

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zigged when he should have zagged is always hilarious when said and has been one of my favorite sayings for years... and I think it has just been replaced... nigd when he should have nogd lol

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No brain cells was damaged that day.