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The dindu nigged when he should have nogged.

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Thank you.

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It is very important to know how to fight in addition to being armed. There is a reason why every military focuses on hand to hand fighting as a part of training requirements

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I'm someone who (a) carries every day and (b) competitively boxed / kick-boxed for years. Both weapons and skills are critical.

I've (thankfully!) never had to shoot someone, but I have been in a few situations where my hand-to-hand skills were more critical than my ability to use a gun.

One particular case: Dude tried to sucker punch me on the sidewalk. I caught sight of a punch coming in from the corner of my eye. Before I realized what happened, I had blocked his punch and thrown a cross to his face knocking him down. It was 100% instinct. My cross was weak ... I was off balance ... but it ended being enough to get control of the situation. A gun wouldn't have protected me from being hit.

The second aspect: having boxing / kick-boxing skills has made me a FAR better gun user. We do lots of movement drills with handguns. (Stationary drills are only so useful.) I find that the foot work for these drills comes very easy for me because I did so much footwork training while boxing.

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So you just kill the guy and be tied up in legal battles for the rest of your life? That's stupid, a man should know how to defend himself with his fists and feet.

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That's beyond fucking stupid.

You cannot 'ice a motherfucker' if he threatens you, you complete and utter moron. How fucking old are you, 9?

There is something called proportionality. If someone punches you, you aren't allowed to automatically use deadly force. In fact, you'd be a total pussy if you did.

Not only are you a faggot who can't fight, you obviously didn't take a concealed carry or street defense handgun class, where they would have told you about when the use of firearms is legal.

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zigged when he should have zagged is always hilarious when said and has been one of my favorite sayings for years... and I think it has just been replaced... nigd when he should have nogd lol

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No brain cells was damaged that day.

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What? No head kicking, no robbing the unconscious guy? Oh that's right it's a white kid. Edit: I was just trying to point out that we're obviously more civilized.

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Fuck that happily kick these fuckers in the head. There is no etiquette or rules when fighting with a nigger. If someone assault you the best outcome is for them to be dead by the end

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And check your 6

And then check your 6

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If it is dead it can't be a witness, skyrim taught me this.

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no robbing the unconscious guy

It was a nigger. He deserves to be robbed, but he probably only had a crack pipe on him.

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At least the firecracker came back & gave him the coup de grâce.

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He was getting up.

People do this weird thing after you whoop their ass where they try to fight you again.

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Didn’t start kicking the heads into the pavement multiple times afterwords until I was mid twenties.

Slowly I began to hate them.

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god damn that warms my heart

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This should be on the Hallmark Channel....

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and your life might depend upon it

I've seen a lot of videos of black guys not stopping when the fight is over. You're damn right on this one.

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Right, there is no honor in niggers. They will kick you when you are unconscious, rob you, gang up on you if you might win. Thus you do not owe a nigger any courtesy.

If your buddy is fighting a nigger sucker punch the nigger in the head. If he tries to get up kick him again. Dont be like the punk friend in that video and give the nigger a fair fight.

Avoid the groid. Unfortunately you have much more to lose than they do, but when necessary attack with any means necessary.

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Which is why whites who still play by their own moral rules when it comes to facing other races in competition and survival should be killed out of the gene pool. You only use your moral ground and honor system with a race/tribe/group that plays by the same rules. When it comes to outsider, you do everything and anything to win, any other strategy and nature will spit in your face, it won't care if you were "right" in the end. You either survive, or you don't. Period. Good luck.

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The danger is really in the fact that niggers rarely fight you one-on-one. I was actually amazed not to see 8 other apes totally overwhelm the white kid. They are pack animals. Especially in a situation where tensions are high, and you are severely outnumbered, fighting with them is not a good idea. Even those who you don't think are your immediate enemies are. If you go to the ground, you're getting your fucking head stomped.

The real evolution of the white person's brain over and above blacks is exactly what you said, neocortical structures that allow us to rationalize and model. We can assess the value of the risk. If you can avoid a fight in almost any way possible that doesn't cause you to violate your own principles, avoid the fight. But sometimes there isn't a choice, and many men fear losing their self-respect more than anything.

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Wrong - moral: stay out of Paris unless the City of Light was just liberated and you have brought along condoms, chocolate, cigarettes and nylons.

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This is why you sign up your kids early to the school's wrestling squad/classes. RomanGreco Wrestling bullds up a kids confidence, and develops basic self defence abilities. the video doesnt show it, but the kid probably used a basic RomanGreco wrestling throw. He slipped passed the guard, grabbed him with a monkey grip hold took him down and just done the old school ground and pound tactic. Also the punches to his head would have been worse due to the concrete in the car park.

A good old school example is the early generation UFC fighter Mark Kerr; his ground and pound tactic put him at the top of the early UFC tournaments way back. He was basically a RomanGreco wrestler who adapted to UFC rules;


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This kid has MMA training. Perhaps he wrestles as well, but the way he flowed from the takedown to mount, controlled the nigger's head to make it a stationary target, and carefully placed POWERFUL punches right on the jaw- these aren't skills you learn in Wrestling, you learn them in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/MMA. You also develop Greco-Roman skills from MMA.

Also, the way the young man stopped indicates a pretty high degree of discipline. He was PISSED, you can tell by how hard and fast he's punching that nigger. But even through that rage, he was able to realize "If I hit this nigger one or two more times, he might die, and then I'm going to prison- I'd better stop".

Knowing when to stop is almost as important as knowing when to start.

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You can't let anger get ahold of you when you are fighting. It reduces situational awareness.

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Looked like o-soto gari to side control to full mount. He could have made his point with a few slaps and a kimura. Didn't need to risk killing the guy and breaking his own fingers in the process

Edit: rewatched. Not o-soto gari.

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Yes, the video doesn't show the white kid's entry, but he looks like a wrestler to me.

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I was thinking the same thing. My buddy in high school got pounded the exact same way by a wrestler he got in a fight with.

Wrestling and boxing work, and plenty of MMA fighters have backgrounds in both.

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That just warms my heart

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Niggers be watching this like (((hollywood))) said I always win dough?!?

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Love the final hit, "just stay down."

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Didn't think it could get any better and then that last hit and, "sweet dreams, monkey."

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