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I could literally hear the voice in my head.....

"Man, fuck dis muhfucka tryna make me do work."

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I'm hearing: Tryonne! It's me! Jennifer! Look at our beautiful baby!

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"I'm finna head outta here ooga booga"

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An extremely tiny percentage of niggers.

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you can see the gib mentality some of these apes have and yet in the wild they're still self sustaining.

seems like modern apes are 25% nigger, 75% great ape

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all great apes dont exist. they're actors in fursuits.

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A single squirrel in a house can cause so much damage. A nigger in society, worse.

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it actually more reminds me of Israel,but not the first of the month...every fucking day

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Do you not realize how much money on s Daily. Not monthly basis we give in aid to three literal faggots

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This is what shilling looks like here on voat. It's a little different than reddit.

They do shit like this so when normies come here they think the MSM was right that it's ALL a bunch of racist lunatics.

Same shit they do to "conspiracy theorists" with straw-men like Alex Jones.

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Out to lunch just a bit lad, rather I'm just surfing voat post reddit ban looking to spread some non divisive Q gospel son.

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The sea lions exhibit in Orlando sea world, FL, have a token one or two comon black bears in the open pen that learned to stand up and WAVE like humans if they see you holding fish to toss to the half-blinded sealions mixed in the pens. The sea lions lean and wave too, and probably have been waving for fish for decades.

Sadly... tossing a fish will be intercepted by most birds if you dont throw it fast to sea lion or bear, it cannot be on a slow arc.

The bears and sea lions waving like humans for food is hilarious.

I got to see a crane poke an eye of a half blind sea lion, in its already blinded eye. The birds seem to do it on purpose. To complete for fish out of injustice and rage that humans only toss the 1 dollar per fish fragment to bears and sea lions but never cranes.

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Honestly this is entirely accurate. I work in retail and every first few days of the month our store gets flooded with tax sucking cunts. Most of the people on EBT don't deserve it in my experience.

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9 million a day , out of country

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