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I love the dog trying to explain it. "No, I'm not trying to eat you!" Pointing with his nose, "you're here, you want to be there." Then he puts his mouth on him, "and I'll pick you up."

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yeah its called scruffing but the dog looks like it grabbed too high and clamped its head, did not hurt it but figured it should have been behind the neck more.

its a natural instinct that cats and dogs have and it makes the young instantly go limp so that the mother can carry them around.

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Scruffing dogs with flat faces can actually make their eyes pop out.

That was different.

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Yeah its useful if one of my cats gets out of the house and I have to chase em down.

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Good article! Thanks.

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Doggo was also like, fuck it. I’ll just carry you.

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Cow cat?!