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Funny, but they didn't even have first holocaust.

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Well we'll have one, then a second one for good measure.

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"A solution that was so nice, we had to gas 'em twice!"

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What are you talking about? Do you have any idea how many times throughout history 6 million Jews have died? slaps roof of history This baby can fit so many holocausts....

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They do have a holohoax though.

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Close, but the first one is in our near future, I hope

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Reported to ADL and the New Zealand Cyber Police. Enjoy your visit in prison and tell Tyrone we said hay. Shaloms

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4.5 million jews placed into concentration camps minus 6 million jews turned into lamp shades = 4.3 million jews filing papers to receive 'holocaust survivor' benefits. yup, the numbers add up.

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Is it left to right or up to down.

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  1. 2.


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Psh, that's nothing. There were like five holocausts this year alone. Poor, poor, Jews. We should send them all of our money and fight wars for their expansion.

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would be a good joke except for the fact that it suggests the holocaust happened.

promoting the holocaust as something that actually occurred is both a lie and something that helps zionism. stop it.

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this shit is too deep... no fucking clue wtf is happening there...