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This was genuinely hilarious.

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Yeah, I chuckled too. The idea of Barack Obama saying sheckles is hilarious.

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I think this is the first time I laughed on voat, thanks man.

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San Diego is crazy land. A two bedroom shit hole house goes for like 400 fucking thousand dollars.

Meanwhile if you’re a real man and actually work for a living, you can get a fucking sprawling four bedroom house with a goddamn pole barn a circular driveway and no Niggers anywhere near you for $400,000 in Wisconsin Michigan or Ohio.

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That was an invitation to every leftist voting asshole to move there.

Better remind them that everyone there is a nazi hillbilly redneck that will shoot them as soon as look at them

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Great comment! We here in Ohio, Virginia and Kentucky do what we can to give the impression we will never be woke.

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When I moved to where I am now (basically the house he described) I was pretty psyched to see my neighbors had unkempt lawns, rusted cars in the yard, among other "redneck" things because I knew I wouldn't have to deal with libshit neighbors.

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Didn't he actually get caught on hidden mic talking trash on jews once? Anti-semitism is universal

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I’m watching the coverage on CNN right now, it’s the usual manufactured hoax. I dare anyone to show me any reason to believe anyone was actually shot. San Diego isn’t so far from Hollywood after all.

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Best to hold off all suspicions until Alex Jones goes on JRE again and tells everyone to blame aliens satanists and globalists instead of jews

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I think the gay frogs actually plotted it.

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gotta water it down. baby steps for the boomers

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Can’t rule out German death squads yet

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This is beautiful. Some followed through on using the phrase shekel worshiper in the event of a jewish attack and lo and behold that time is now

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"stand with the people of San Francisco"

But be careful where you stand. Piles of shit-covered needles all over the sidewalks.

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Who follows Barrack Onigger on the twitTube?

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