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america is about to whip her dick out

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holy hell...i was mid coffee swig...bra-vo

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Lady Liberty soon to be 'Metoo' assaulted by H1B street shitters and every fag asshole on earth

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god knows shes been doing it for the last 60 years.

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Jew with muscles? now that's a rare sight

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Must be the Ron Perlman line of jews.

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Really it should just have UN flags because everyone else in the world just wants to fuck the US.

[–] Terrentist 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

Most people range from a slight dislike to a burning hatred for the USA. No matter the politics, all along the spectrum am*rica is despised.

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Well Israel is on track to pass us. More and more people I know, non-Americans, are starting to get sick of their shit. Still not enough though.

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South Korea and Taiwan don't.

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No they don't. They want to live here.

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What’s the difference if they leach and cause crime?

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You've been fucking the world since WW2 so maybe stop implying you didn't bring this on yourself

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Thanks Churchill for starting a chain reaction which has fucked us for over 100 years. fucking brilliant.

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What did he do? He helped, but he didn't start. The ones that essentially started Israel was Balfour, or whoever in the government gave him the ok. In terms of kike plotting itself, that's been going on much longer.

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He is probably talking about the fact that England was supposed to ally with Germany in WW2, but since Churchhill was kiked, he manipulated the good british people into attacking their only real ally in Europe. It is laid out clearly in Mein Kampf.

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Get to know Winston’s Mom, then know why he’s so beloved.

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For Europe you'd just have to replace Mexico's flag with an ISIS flag.

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artist name is Accel Art

i think the original flag in the pic was Mexico?

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Originally it was Jew on the couch and Falange, NatSoc, and Fasces standing up

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found the source https://knowyourmeme.com/photos/1384478-world-cup-couch-mexico-chan

it's Mexico getting "Whited" by Germany

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that's the edited one, the Original if memory serves was

Girl in the middle-Mex

up above was American

English i think...

and... Italian? i don't quite remember the flags only their skin color.

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Haha nice work

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Way funnier

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