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sounds like we need a jubilee

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I was just reading about this, they forgive all debts, release all slaves, return all land to their original owner and leave all fields fallow for a full year every 7th year. What is that all about? What are they atoning for?

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I wonder who manufactured endless paperwork saying they were the original owners of all the land?

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Bankers hate this word.

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I think this is wrong, what I hear is through out history most loans Europe Royalty, Jews, British, Israeli. It shifts rapidly once Nixon gets the US Dollar off the gold standard and Saudi get massive buying power within US politics. Something changed around the 90s and most modern US Debts and Wars like War example and post 911 have been funded by Japan / China but yes its a complex web, the other guys are running low but they still have a lot of buying power, foreign people have influence in the United States and there are the Jewish are very active behind the Fed. The old names, Paul Warburg, , Oppenheimer, Goldsmid, Mocatta, Montefiore, Sassoon, DuPonts, Samuel, Kadoorie, Franklin, Jacob Schiff, House of Morgan now fell under Rothschild and Rockefeller about 16 elite family, the cults of secrety society are also there Masonics, the Freemason or Royal Dutch Shell etc

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That's only for jews. Goyim still have to pay.

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What few people understand is the debt is the money supply. We cannot pay it off because if we tried to, that would shrink the money supply and create a depression. Money is created when we borrow it and promise to pay it back but it's just pulled out of thin air. There is no real money, only a promise to pay. Of course, we also pay interest on this thin air. In other words, the banksters tax us. That's what interest is. It's a tax we all pay to our rulers, the banking cartel. Yet, Congress has the power to declare it's own debt free currency. That's why Kennedy was whacked. He planned to have congress create our money instead of the Federal Reserve and also he was going to get rid of the CIA's power to rule over us on behalf of the NWO, the shadow government like they do now.

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He was also trying to get a grasp of what Israel was doing nuclear-wise. They didn't appreciate that.

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Correct, JFK was killed for trying to end The Fed

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What evidence of that exists, paid shill account? He was killed for trying to deny Israel access to nukes.

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  1. There is some money that is not owed back.

  2. Interest can be recirculated until to clear all interest.

  3. A depression is fine.

Congress has the power to declare it's own debt free currency.

So did Venezuela

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Interest recirculated as in money given for free or are you saying loaning back out the interest earnings. Why is it a good idea to let a private entity collect interest on our money supply?

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The cudgel is the credit rating agencies. They downgrade your city, state, province canton or countries credit rating and your interest payments are increased, and can be increased dramatically. when you're paying 10 billion dollars a year just to service one debt already it can hurt. And when the government in office makes the cuts to services it's all based on their own incompetence.

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Don't pay it..... Actually a lot is owed to retirees holding bonds.

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Wait until the dollar hyperinflates.... THEN pay it back

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That's what I'm doing with my home loan. I borrowed currency worth more than the currency I pay it back with.

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Yep. Pay it back in repriced gold 100 billion an ounce.

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My grandparents got me a ton of those for when I got to college age. Every few months 400-500 dollars it was sweet

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Well they are pretty tax inefficient when held outisde of tax sheltered accounts unless tax free ibonds, patriot bonds or the like. Nice of your grandparents to help.

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It's usually around this time in any Paradox game, I take up a big loan from the jews and then expel them from the realm.

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And if the games modeled history correctly, this would be when the jews cause every nation on Earth to attack you in retaliation.

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The Catholic Church, Head and Mother of the whole of Christendom, was infiltrated by Jews, Communists and Freemasons in the early 1900s. The Soviets even founded a college to get Reds infiltrating the Priesthood.

By the fifties, many of these had reached the highest ranks in the Church, becoming Cardinals and Bishops. They got to high positions in the different Congregations, the governing-bodies of the Church's worldwide affairs.

Come the sixties, they managed to elect a weak and impressionable Pope, John XXIII to the Papacy. He was himself accused of links with Freemasonry, whilst Papal Legate (Ambassador) in Paris.

His first act was to call a General Council of the Church, an act done less than once a century and only in the most necessary of situations. It called all the Bishops of the entire world together. It was called the Second Vatican Council.

Unfortunately, this council, image related, was planned to overthrow the age-old doctrines of the Church. The Church was accused of being too glorious, too sure of its dogma, too persecutory of Communists and Freemasons, too intolerant of other religions… Especially the Jews.

The Jews were absolved of any historical crime against Christ and ceased to be considered enemies of the Church. The same went for all the heretics and all the non-Christians. It was declared that all these religions were good, saving and that there was no need to convert to Catholicism. We should instead encourage Muslims to be good Muslims etc.

The Mass in the Vernacular (English, Italian, French etc.) was imposed instead of Latin. Women were given a role in reading scripture, distributing Holy Communion etc. Priests and nuns were encouraged to dress like everyone else, for the sake of inclusivity and breaking down barriers.

This was the Trojan Horse. The triumph of the forces of revolution, by the means of the Church's own authority. The faith began to wane, tens of thousands left the priesthood or religious life, sexual life became encouraged amongst priests and homosexuality tolerated. This is when the paedophilia begins, hand in hand with homosexual priests. Priests who no longer believe in Hell.

Fast-forward to the 80s, you have the heads of all the religions meeting together with the Pope, praying with him as equals. Each just another head of just another religion. Nothing special. Nothing worth saving. This is the New World Order working towards one world religion, just as it works towards one world race.

Pope Francis, our first actually Communist, pro-homosexual, pro-divorce, pro-immigration Pope is one of the final steps. He is destroying the Church from the top down, banning the Latin Mass and the old doctrines, wherever he finds people who haven't modernised following the Second Vatican Council which started this mess.

So, when you talk about Christianity fawning over immigrants, know that you are wrong. Christianity has never done this. This is the enemy within. These are the wolves in sheep's clothing about which we were warned.

Keep the Faith.

Truth is Eternal. God is a Counter-Revolutionary.

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Wouldn't mind seeing a Brenton Tarrant let loose in the college of Cardinals...and quite frankly, it'll be the Fatima prophecy fulfilled.

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What is it we owe exactly? The currency isn't collateralized with anything.

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Nothing. It's a fiction to make you feel guilty, goy!

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Jubilee!! Apparently this is why the pharisees had JC crucified he wanted the Jubilee and they didn't.

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Matthew 22:20-22 20 And he saith unto them, Whose is this image and superscription?

21 They say unto him, Caesar's. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.

22 When they had heard these words, they marvelled, and left him, and went their way.

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Jews aren’t ceaser (legimate goverment by any poltical theory). QED don’t pay your money to jews.

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Jews aren't ceaser... So just keep paying? What is your solution?

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