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I do not eat or drink coffe in places that have negroes as employees, it just doesnt happen.

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Yeah, between the kellogs piss, burger king foot lettuce, etc., if theres a nigger anywhere behind the counter, just assume youre getting served spit and shit and youll be right more often than not.

Niggers are the reason we had to make it a law that you wash your hands after using the toilet. And they dont even follow it anyway.

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Yes, I blacklist too

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classic Garfield.

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As much as I hate the way my mom takes forever to leave the house, I appreciate how she taught me to always pack a sandwich and maybe even coffee. Even if it's just a quick errand, it saves money. That way I can stay out as long as I want and never have to give anyone any money.

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Wow that story was so gay

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No wonder you wanted to read it then.

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It does not look like his coffee is jew any time soon...

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Eye kekkd

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You can't say "I want a large coffee, black." Now you have to say "I want a large coffee, Trayvon."

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And a kekachino

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This happens every time I go get coffee. It now tastes funny, but I really don't care.

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If it tastes funny, I'd blame the clowns behind the counter!

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