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Never understood why she had the aesthetic of a conservative country girl when she already had two dozens of different cocks in her before 30.

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Because when she was young, it fit.

People often cement their image of others based on when they first encountered someone, especially if they don’t often really pay much attention to them. This is why it is easy to think of our own children as being older, but it can be surprising to see a cousin’s or college friend’s child after a 10 year gap.

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Well, let's wait and see what happens when she reach her 40's**.

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Man that link is depressing.

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We can visualize number of her boyfriends on logarithmic scale :P

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No shit.

She fucked niggers lol

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so all that shit about taylor swift being some neo alt right nationalist was just silly fantasy? ... oh well anyways i enjoyed a few of the memes .... a normal day in africa? https://streamable.com/lymkd

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All women are like that, they dont believe in nothing, we do want to believe though and want to have our virgin marys, but it doesnt happen.

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got nothin in her brain ...thats what people say

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Yep. There's a smart idea. Endorse a man who lied about his support for Kavanaugh, thinks Republican voters are ignorant, and whose staffers refer to gun owners as "the largest terrorist group in America."

What could possibly go wrong?

She got woke, now it's just a matter of time til she goes broke.

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she writes her songs?

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She certainly writes a lot of them.

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Lots of these people sing other peoples songs.

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Savage. I love it.

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I thought Taylor was a famous beard.

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Good, for her. That guy loosing is fresh material for a new hit single

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If her muse is the trauma of a poorly thought-out relationship ending, then when this Democrat inevitably uses and then throws her under the bus (as all Dems do), then the album after that should be epic.

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