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Check out this black guy in a Trump hat. Fucking based!

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That totally makes me want to flood my country with Congo niggers.

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Clearly you haven't watched MM.


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He's not based.

He just figured out Democrat's plan to keep niggers virtually chained in modern neo-plantation.

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The pedes invasion was one of the more entertaining ones here. Talk about a buch of power bottoms that like getting assfucked by admins.

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They ran away quicker than they came.

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I wish I had that comic with the reddit character kicking open the door to voat, then leaving with soiled pants after seeing what goes on here. Funny stuff.

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Most of us. A handful stayed. Those more interested in the facts than the Donald.

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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The black fathers of the internet.

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And yet faggots still think they're "alt-right" and want them banned from reddit. That place is unbelievable.

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Alex Jones said he doesn't care if America is mostly brown as long as they value muh freedom and muh constitution.

He's got no idea that that means there isn't going to be freedom and there isn't going to be a constitution anymore.

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AJ is a Mossad operative. Fuck him.

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Then fuck Alex Jones.

America should be majority white and that status quo should be maintained at ANY cost, if we need to systematically sterilize colors then so be it.

I'm not racist but I see the merit of ethnonationalism and segregation.

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I don't think I'm alt-right.

I think you guys just want voat to stay small and pathetic.

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I disagree with 99% of voat. Fuck racists. I'm a Reagan-style conservative. Pro-immigration, pro-military, pro-business, and pro-Israel (gasp). I'm still here because I'm not a flaming faggot who cries when someone disagrees with me (although most of voat falls into that category themselves)

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No. We want it to keep the same culture and beliefs. We do want it to grow, so long as it isn't past the point of unsustainability.

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I gave up on that sub long ago. Turned into a faggot loving, nigger loving, shit hole. It's over run with liberals now

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I got banned for BARELY speaking out against the jew.

A minuscule redpill about the heeb infestation ... and BAM ... banhammer ... I don't give a fuck. Unsubbed.

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The love of "conservative" faggots and trannys is what did it for me. Fuck that place

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Same. It started off pretty cool. Great source of news, people having real debates in the comments, and definitely a lot of anti-Israel/black/hispanic users. Idk if they were all banned or just got tired of it, but I started noticing it getting more sanitized, more pro Israel. Suddenly making a relevant to the discussion at hand, totally legitimate criticism of something involving Israel got many downvotes. Ten people would start arguing with me about something something greatest ally, only democracy in the Middle East. As if the Middle East having a democratic country was worth 3+ billion a year and thousands of dead soldiers. Became intolerable, couldn't even justify using it for the news.

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i commented that it smelled like gefilte fish in here on some heebs comment/post and i got banned for "cryptoantisemitism" lol the kikes are afraid.

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You can't talk about the Jew

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"Muh based civnat."

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Meh, civnats aren't inherently bad as long as they are race realists and see the need of maintaining the status quo: white as the hegemon and the majority race.

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6 gorillion le upvotes. Lmao!

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You forgot the 8x reddit gold and the 18 edits jerking the user base off for it.

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