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we could just skip over them

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That's exactly where I went. That generation is worthless. Next.

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Your parents said the same about you.

Lets just nuke the planets. This experiment has clearly failed.

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Suck a fat dick. Why do you hate me based off of my age?

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Believe me, I hate millennials as much as the next guy. But can someone remind me what they did wrong?

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Certain groups love to create as much hate as they can (liberals) so they pit every possible group they can against one another then present themselves as the solution to the hate they created.

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create as much hate as they can (liberals)

The lack of self awareness is astounding.

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Nothing. This is typical boomer vs millennial bullshit. Another chapter in divide and conquer.

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Millennials are also known as the Entitled Generation. Roughly 50% of them believe they should get anything and everything they want simply because they want it and if you disagree then you're the problem. Basically they are the perfect fodder to bring about communism. It's why they were created via (((social engineering))). They are heavily indoctrinated, uneducated (dis-educated), and believe everyone owes them something for nothing.

Accordingly, most people dislike the generation because they are a viable threat to liberty and happiness. Though people also forget that the other 50% may still be capable of doing something. But they still tend to lean heavily left. Which means the majority of Millennials are basically worthless for long term support of liberty and capitalism. It gets worse when you add in the self-loathing indoctrination.

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Millennials are also known as the Entitled Generation.

Talk to my generation before you talk about my kids generation. 'Free love' and 'peacenik' human garbage didn't create the society we have today, but our generation did make it much worse.

It's why they were created via (((social engineering)))

They're the mere fallout of the destruction that followed the break-down of the extended family.

They are heavily indoctrinated, uneducated (dis-educated),

can't disagree

and believe everyone owes them something for nothing.

My son doesn't believe that and neither do my daughters.

Lets see, 1. strong dollar all through my youth, went to college on my parents dime, but paid a good chunk of it myself with a 'short term' job working a forklift and other sundry positions.

  1. Started my first business with my own savings and income.

  2. Was able to afford a family of four, not including myself before my thirties.

Your entire post reads like a bad rehash of that old economy steve joke.

This literally describes my life

and unless you were less willing and able, it should also describe your life.

Our generation had it fucking great and we screwed the pooch for everyone else, all in exchange for empty mortgages, vacations, reverse mortgages, stock markets that turned into casinos, better returns on investments while we shipped jobs overseas, and kicking the can down the road--among dozens of other big 'fuck yous!' to our children and grandchildren.

You ought to be ashamed of your post. Real men take responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

And to add insult to injury, our generation was singly responsible for creating and enabling divorce-culture, which wrecked the bed rock that formed the foundation for the stability in our own lives when we were coming of age. And we as a generation blame our children for all of it. Ask u/voltronsdick , he knows what I'm talking about.

And you wonder why generation x and millennials are anxiety-riddled failures without the ability to make a plan, stand up straight or think a day ahead. If they knew how good we really had it before they came along, "millennials ruined everything!' really might just be fighting words. Thankfully I'm glad for the small blessing, that so many of these kids were raised by single moms or stepfathers who couldn't or didn't teach them to fight.

Accordingly, most people dislike the generation because

because you're weak like most of my generation and listen to media who tell you to blame the problems you created on your kids. My god man, if your spine gets any limper than your dick apparently is, you might just want to check you weren't born in the back of a communist chinese takeout van: because you've obviously got a noodle for a fucking spine.

because they are a viable threat to liberty and happiness.

hahaha, you're fucking joking right? And next you'll tell me guys can be broads if they just tuck their dick between their legs!

Millennials are as threatening as a wet match in a dark cave.

Though people also forget that the other 50% may still be capable of doing something.

Somehow I doubt that. Whats true of people in general, is true of 'kids these days'--they're mostly the result of the time you invest in them. They turn out like shit? Well golly fucking gee, have you looked in a mirror lately? You got egg on your face and it's apparent to everyone but you.

But they still tend to lean heavily left.

As was true of our generation. I never went to woodstock and I wasn't too inclined to either, plenty of people I knew did go, most of em are divorcees these days and we don't talk much. I disprove of their life choices, but they don't need me for that--they can see the fruits of their actions in how their kids turned out: all sorts of fucked up hippies, a few are actual communists, one classmates daughter died of heroin, a couple now have nappy-haired nignog grandchildren the natural result of strippers and other ilk in their 'family', etc.

Which means the majority of Millennials are basically worthless

Yep, pretty much. You reap what you sow. Sow dust, reap the whirlwind.

worthless for long term support

if you wanted long term support you should have been slut-shaming and fighting the scourge of single motherhood much sooner. You should have been building stronger businesses, inculcating a greater sense of nationalism, fighting public union socialist deadbeats in public schools indoctrination centers, teaching and encouraging traditional values.

Obviously you didn't do enough, none of us did. Mostly we shrugged and 'let the good times roll' while everything proceeded to go down hill. If you're gonna wash your hands of your own children, and the consequences of our attitude of complete disinterest in what you were leaving for them, at least acknowledge what our generation did wrong and how it got us here in the first place.

worthless for long term support of liberty and capitalism of liberty and capitalism

Where do I even start. Social security? Really, you need the government to save money for you, the biggest group of thieves to have ever live and walked this earth, saving money for you because our generation didn't have enough discipline, in the face of the federal reserve, to save and invest wisely? But I'll cut it short.

Financialization of social(ist) security did this--a sector that returns fifty cents for every dollar 'invested.'

Investment in the stocksino at the cost of everything and everyone else, including off-shoring, did this.

Subsidizing other bad choices because 'muh single mothers are saints', and 'poor black people', did this.

I could go on but I won't. I'll spare you. You know what you did wrong. What we all did. You have no excuses.

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Social Engineering isn't created by jews its simply the exploitation of human nature and human nature is exploitative.

Economic times are rougher now then when the previous generation was growing up. So many labels have been created to categorize and ostracize sects of people and separate them from any form of perceived value or worth.

All the people who adamantly despise "millenials" because of the rhetoric of the average person or what they've heard on television, are in no way intellectual betters because of their willing participation in a collective mindset, but are the very examples of why human beings are so easily manipulated by the structures of control that exist around us.

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Bastards didn't do anything wrong either, and they're still supposed to be outcasts. Fault doesn't always matter.

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It's not about fault. It's about ideology and the actions encouraged by those ideologies.

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Are you 35 or under? Then you are a millennial.

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I can be a millennial and still hate them...I think. I like myself though...

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I hate them and hate myself.

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I hate a lot of the Millennials to

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Thanks jews!

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Just dig up some dead baby boomers and strap them in the chairs. They might actually might fuck up less than our current batch of fucks.

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Baby Boomers are just as bad as Millennials.

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The current batch is dying baby boomers, explains alot.

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The eventualities of linear time don't automate the inclusion of millennials since their numbers overlap the receding and ensuing generations increasing the likelihood their numbers in congress can, in fact, be minimized though the increased inclusion of said receding and ensuing, kind sir.

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Some kids are okay. Some are insane. It's the same with every generation. Frankly I'm quite optimistic about the next generation who seem to be smarter than my own.

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I have never met a woman in her 20s who wasn't completely full of shit.

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Or we could just skip straight to Gen Z.

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Or find reasonable millennials

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^ this.

This is how humanity falls.

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