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Or maybe he just doesnt celebrate a made up holiday.

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made up holiday.

They're all made up.

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Ease up on the blackpills.

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You mean hijacked and commercialized by jews.

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I can agree at least in part on that.

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How Jewish is Satan?

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Text from my wife this morning: "Happy Hallmark Holiday". Yep - she's a keeper.

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I'm curious as to which holidays you believe are legitimate and not made up. As far as I'm concerned this is the least of the Holidays that should get flak. It celebrates normal heterosexual relationships. It's harmless.

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The only holiday worse than this is probably kwanza. This was born for comercialization. If you truely love someone why do you need to do a special expression today. Why? So some flower, chocolate, or card company can sell you something over priced and useless because of societal pressures? Fuck them and fuck this holiday for emotional retards.

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It's not really harmless. It's a bullshit idea because if you're in a real romantic relationship, then it's an insult for some faggot cuck to tell you when and how to be romantic as if you need to set aside one day out of the year to declare your love.

If you really do rely on Valentine's day to keep things romantic then your relationship is already fucked anyway because you have no clue what you're doing.

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Alone in your bed,

The clock goes "tick-tock;"

You are the cuck'd,

Gf's taking black cock.

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That's funny because Satan is a woman and still fucks your wife better than you do.

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Bullshit tracker url