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Now go finish the album

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No for real, it's this year. I know we said this year 3 years ago, and then 2 years ago, and then last year, but this year is the year.

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What a TOOL!

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Hijacking top comment to raise awareness of /v/ArizonaBay

My body is ready Maynard.

While I'm here, have a song relevant to the topic at hand:


And the angel of the lord came unto me
Snatching me up from my place of slumber
And took me on high and higher still
Until we moved to the spaces betwixt the air itself
And he brought me into a vast farmlands of our own Midwest
And as we descended cries of impending doom rose from the soil
One thousand nay a million voices full of fear
And terror possessed me then
And I begged Angel of the Lord what are these tortured screams?
And the angel said unto me
These are the cries of the carrots, the cries of the carrots!
You see, Reverend Maynard
Tomorrow is harvest day and to them it is the holocaust

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Death is necessary.

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As you're a Tool fan, I have a question. In my opinion 10,000 Days was damn near a perfect album (minus Lipan Conjuring). Do you think they can top it, and is it weird that I am nervous of another release for fear they can't and I will be horribly let down?

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Give me a basic gestalt on the best tool albums. I listened to the one with schism, forget what it's called. Bretty gud.

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This question makes any professional in the food industry rage, this question and; is this gluten-free? I don't think people understand how ingredients work together and the necessity to have certain things in the food. Allergies I understand, most peoples allergies are in proteins so that isn't that big of a change, but if you're some asshole that orders the Châteaubriande and doesn't want mushrooms and is "allergic" to onions and hates the sight of "blood" go fucking kill yourself.

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I don't think it's in any way unreasonable to ask about ingredients, it's not always obvious from just reading the menu. I used to be a waiter and it was usually easy enough to just build up an idea of what was in which food. If I wasn't sure I asked the chef.

If you're in the food industry, you're in the business of controlling what goes into other people's bodies. Knowing the contents of the food you serve is your job.

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Never said it wasnt. I was saying asking to have certain ingredients taken out is basically changing the dish and flavor completely.

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I love onions but they give me the trots. It's a rough relationship.

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Same for me with shiitake mushrooms, on top of the shitake sometimes they also give me vomitake.

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All food allergies are reactions to proteins. Proteins as in the organic chemistry term, not culinary proteins (i.e. meat). Gluten, for example, is a protein, whereas the wheat, barley, rye or spelt it comes from is culinarily/nutritionally a carbohydrate. Other adverse reactions to food are often incorrectly called allergies, but medically speaking they're "intolerances" (meaning most of the population, or at least the population from which the quisine originates, can metabolize a compound without incident, but those with intolerances can't and will gave reactions ranging from GI distress to runaway histamine reactions symptomatically similar to but medically distinct from an allergic reaction.) Two common examples of this would be lactose intolerance and the so-called Asian flush.

There are a lot of common food items that entire ethnic groups or individuals with metabolic mutations (inherited or otherwise) simply can't eat safely. A refrain I often hear from waiters and restauranteurs is "well they should just eat somewhere that doesn't serve that stuff and quit asking for changes," but there are only a few restaurants that specialize in not using ingredients from only one of the most common of food allergies (or "allergies"), and none at all that avoid two or more. As such, you may as well be telling them to never eat out at all. There's nothing wrong with asking if a food contains an ingredient, either for preference or dietary necessity. Similarly there's no problem with asking if a dish can be made without it-- even if it's a stupid question like "can the roux be made gluten-free?" (to which the answer of course would be "well technically yes but that's a whe different thing you're asking for, and that thing isn't on our menu") on account of most people lacking the culinary knowledge and skills to know what exactly a roux is.

That said, if someone tells you to make the impossible or fundamentally alter a dish, they're clearly self-important and/or unreasonable and you pretend to go ask the chef before saying no so they're less likely to argue. Those people, whatever their reasons, should not eat out.

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There is no such thing as a gluten free roux. A roux is butter and flour. You can do a slurry, which is cornstarch and water.

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Vegan, yes. Unless it's a shortcut for some kind of allergy (though I can't imagine what that allergy would be).

But what surprises a lot of people is that lots of beer (and maybe some wine, I don't know) is not vegetarian/vegan. Isinglass finings are used to clarify beer. Isinglass is made from fish parts. But some homebrewers use gelatin instead, since it's cheaper and works almost as well. Gelatin is made from rendering beef and pork bones and other parts.

To your point though, I cook, and you are completely right about raging about vegetarians, vegans, gluten free, dressing on the side, all that shit. MAYBE asking if a dish meets one of those, but I want to choke you out if you ask something to be changed to meet your idiotic dietary preference.

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Vegans are the most horrible people I’ve ever met.

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You've met them all?

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I have. It is true.

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Not really. My sister is vegan and she's one of the most awesome people I know. Takes time to donate and volunteer at a bunch of animal shelters and hospitals too in her spare time and weekends.

Maybe don't fucking generalize like fucking libs?

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Give him a break, he's drunk.

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Bacon is the reason I could never be vegan

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Well, it's not. There's some crushed spiders, flies and whatever maggot that likes grapes. They add something to the organoleptic properties, I guess. Also, if you like traditional european wines, there's also foot sweat (is it vegan? I can't say). And foot cheese.

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I hear more people bitch about veganism than I hear vegans complain about people not being vegan.

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Found the vegan

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give him a carrot

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You must be from a shit tier liberal hell hole. People where I live love meat and don't need to apologize for it.

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Why would a shit tier liberal hell hole have so few complaining about non-vegans?

Reading comprehension...

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Guess you don't know a lot of vegans, huh.

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How do you know someone is vegan? Don't worry, they'll tell you.

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I have to agree with you there. I see endless complaining about vegans online but I have yet to ever encounter one in the real world who behaves anything like they complain about. On the rare instances I've encountered one I usually had to pry it out of them why they wouldn't touch the salmon or whatever.

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wow omg thisg guitar player is so edgy. he holds bacon and sticks his finger up at vegans...

[–] Diggernicks 3 points 2 points (+5|-3) ago 

You sound ass blasted over it.

[–] Broc_Lia 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

I kinda agree. I'm not really bothered by him doing it, but giving the finger to customers usually isn't a clever thing for a business to do. I have a lot more respect for businesses who handle snowflakes politely but firmly.

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I'm buying that. Bacon and red blend, nothing wrong with that whatsoever. Organic? It came from the ground you moron.

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