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This is pretty common. A couple of weeks ago I took my two boys to one of those indoor trampoline places. They were soo excited and asked me if I would jump with them. Of course I said yes. Those little faces are hard to say no to. We jumped for two hours and I was surprised I wasn't more sore the next day. In the jumping area there were a few parents but not many. Maybe 3-5. The rest sat on these bleacher looking things that were faced at the jumping area.

I'm so glad I jumped with them. All three of us had a blast. I was surprised at how tired I was after two hours. It was more of a workout than expected. I can't tell you how many overweight moms glared at me. Just for playing and spending time with my kids. One lady in particular just looked furious at me.

It's a shame. Your children should come first above everything. Especially food.


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We have one of those places close by to my house. Now that the snow's gone, I think it would be the perfect time to check it out as most people will be out enjoying the sun :)