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There's nothing more shitlordy than embarrassing a fat just by existing. No jokes, no cutting remarks, not even a thought concerning the fat. Just living life as a normal human.


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I was hesitant to even call this shitlording because I didn't go out of my way or make any effort to get this result.


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Which makes it one of the best ways of shitlording. Just check out one of the TITP blogs and look for your story if you really want to see what you did. I'm sure during that glider part will include flipping off the fatty after it overhears you tell your son something hateful about fatties. You'd be surprised at what being thin makes you do without your realization when you're around fatties.

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It is the purest form of shitlording. And the bonus is there can be no accusations, and any jealous BS the fatty starts just makes them look even worse.