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"I can touch my toes. They all fell off last year, so now I keep them in this Big Gulp cup."

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Well, that was tasty … well done, fair shitlord!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗

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-using the features on the bed

How deluded can a person be?

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"My stomach has always been flat." Must be one of those flat earthers also.

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She wore her nicest tarp for the interview.

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And a pound of make-up, all to distract the eye away from the 600+ lbs in the bed lol

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And that soft lighting. Until you pointed it out, I could have sworn that was a svelte, young, lady. /s

At what point is logic completely exiled from a ham to make more room for food? When you are large enough to require turn-signals and a reversal siren, what makes you think caking on pounds of make-up will fool anyone with any level of functioning eyesight? Hell, I'm sure even the blind can smell you from well enough away to avoid toxic exposure.

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Let’s be nice, FPH. It’s probably a brand new king size comforter. You can tell because it’s form fitting to her curves.


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It is trying very hard to convince itself and others that it’s human :

“Look, I am a human too, I can sit up!”

Which is something no human would ever brag about.

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I'll have you know, I managed to put my own shoes on just yesterday. No long stick or anything!

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Crocs and flip-flops don't count :)

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I would like to see a cofin that fits that body

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Deforestation is already a problem. Let's not make things worse.

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holy shit lol

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Aren't there abandoned mines and quarries that can be made use of?

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Ohhhhhhhh yoooooouuuuuuu.....

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Haha interesting question, I wonder what happens to these whales in reality. Transporting them or doing anything with them once dead seems like a real issue.

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Well, you're going to need a submersible. As the Titanic sunk long ago.

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She doesn't eat much.. Has to remind herself to eat. That's the secret to her flat stomach

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"Hmmm I haven't eaten in 4 minutes I better get one of my sad children to fetch me something before my metabolism slows down! Can't believe I almost forgot! teehee"

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She has a flat stomach guys.

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And her waist is actually allll the way up here!! So very small and dainty

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Flat stomachs ARE sexy after all

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Listen to it brag about it's nonexistent waist and sitting up unassisted..congrats you can do what a 3 month old baby can do...

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But which will be able to wipe itself sooner?

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Money is on the baby

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