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So they're salty because a sub called fat people hate is specifically designated for hating fat people and not everyone here shares all their other beliefs


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Ive never met a saltier group than online racists. Its fucking hilarious. Because when you go to subs like behold the master race (still my fav on reddit) they're always groups of the ugliest, dumbest, most inbreed, poor trailer trash, failure of society mother fuckers, and then it all makes sense. Plus half of them are fat, and thats being extremely generous on estimation.

They couldn't land a white collar job making more than 50k if their life depended on it, and spend about 50% of their free time online trying to convince white people to join their cause when its like, I don't even know if Id trust them as my sandwich artist, let alone want to be associate or seen in public with a group of such total utter losers.


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Excessive gluttony is degeneracy - Hitler would've gladly gassed those fat, unproductive stormcucks the same way he did with the mentally retarded anyhow.


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As far as I remember, fph's stance has always been "hate fats and only fats". It's not about hating or loving blacks, it's just that there's a place for everything. It's not "fatsandniggershate".

If you want to hate blacks here, then be my guest all you want, just make sure to do so because of their excessive amount of adipose tissue.


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Reddit gets buttmad that we hate, voat gets shitter-shattered that we don't hate enough. Stop not hating the same things I hate!!111!

Hey guess what I bet they're fat :/

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[–] NotYourDoctor 2 points 22 points (+24|-2) ago 

Agreed- they’re welcome to bash blacks and queers and women and whatever else they like in the appropriate subvoats. I don’t like that shit so I won’t go to those subvoats, no problem there. But somehow these retards don’t understand the concept of subvoats and seem to need the entire internet to applaud every single thought that crosses their chromosonally deficient brains. They think that being asked to stay on topic is somehow oppressive and then whine about “muh free speech.” Fatpeoplehate- I come here and expect to see fat hate. No more, no less


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I think most of them are autistic. Some autistic people get weirdly fixated on shit to the point of obsession, and just aren't right in the head. I come here to make fun of fat people, but my god, if you guys were like "Lets plan a march!!!!! And get tiki torches, and go beat fat people up!!!!" Id be like yeah, have fun, not so much! Theres a huge difference between being an asshole, and funny, and making fun of a group of people, vs spending your whole pathetic life obsessed with them.


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Yeah I'm just go gonna and assume they're all fat. Fat does really affect the brain and their intelligence.


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I don't hate brown people exclusivly. You cant do much about skin color and heritage . But, anyone can combat the adipose but many are truly lazy sloths. They deserve it.


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FPH, where it's okay to say "Fuck Harvey Weinstein the fat piece of shit"

But not "Fuck Harvey Weinstein the fat JEW"


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Oh that is where "it's a puffy coat" I_Will_Gas_You came from. AND it isn't the first fat account banned from here either. Hmmmm

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