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[–] BigFatDaddy 30 points -19 points (+11|-30) ago 

Daily Reminder: "Racism" is an idea, popularized by a jew, that is meant to shame White People for perfectly natural behavior that is exhibited by every other group of people in the world. "Racist" is nothing more than an anti-white slur, no different than "Honkey" or "Cracker."


[–] get_into_the_box [S] 3 points 16 points (+19|-3) ago 

This is some SJW tier logic. "Cracker" and "honky" are insults based on someone's skin color. Anybody can be racist whether they're white or not.


[–] BigFatDaddy 12 points -9 points (+3|-12) ago 

And yet, "Racist" is an epithet ONLY ever used to shame White People. I'm not even talking about that stupid power+privilege shit. The entire concept has only EVER been used to shame Whites, and was provably popularized by jews.

Anybody can be racist whether they're white or not.

Everybody IS "racist." Everybody posesses in-group out-group bias. Its just how human social psychology works. But only Whites are consistently shamed for it.

Overwhelmingly by jews.

Go figure.


[–] l23r 9 points -6 points (+3|-9) ago 

Calling a white dude a "cracker" is a racially motivated action that's negative. It's a form of prejudice. On the flip side, you can do this in a positive way, like when a cop doesn't stop a bunch of 'rowdy youths' standing on the street corner because they're white.

Calling a black guy the n-word is a racially motivated action that also discriminates against someone, but there's a top-down power dynamic. Even if it's a homeless, toothless junkie yelling it at a random black guy walking down the street in a suit, the focus is on the 2 peoples skin colour. The way the term racism is defined, this prejudiced action would also be racist.

It's kinda like how "reverse sexism" is a shitty thing women do to men, but because of the power dynamic, the word "reverse" has to be added to it.

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[–] BigFatDaddy 7 points -3 points (+4|-7) ago 

GTFO with your power+prejudice shit you ethnic studies reject. Kike sophistry aside, you did not address my main point that ONLY white people are ever shamed for this behavior, despite it being universally demonstrated by every group of people in the world. Even in countries where Whites are the minority, such as in Asia or Africa, it is not a standard applied to the dominant groups. For (((reasons))).

"Racist" is a shaming term that is only ever used to describe a "bad" white person, just like "Cracker" means "poor white trash." Especially considering how, in White countries, black and brown people use "Racist" to describe ANY white people they dislike, and jews use it describe whites who oppose marxist or bolshevik ideology.

"Racist" is nothing more than an anti-white slur, popularized by jews.