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Email that photo to the central mgmt office of the store--presumably Walmart??-- and complain about the health hazards running rampant in whatever branch you shot that picture in. Tell them about how management of that local branch is asleep at the switch and couldn’t care less about health hazards like that. Send an email to your County and State Departments of Health and tell them the same thing. It’ll give those lazy, good-for-nothing government parasites something to do for a change.


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cannot upvoat enough! I have done this once before. I was completely fed up each Tuesday taking my senior person to Ross and the store and staff were just despicable. I got a call from the regional manager explaining that while it was not excuse, they had lost all their managers for that store and were in the progress of remodeling some sections. She was very nice and I returned with my senior person (who loves the deals) about a month later and it was MUCH better.