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"Game Theory" is related to the strategy of warfare. And so Military Intelligence would be on gaming of all sorts from the get-go. And were. But not as a purely 'military' operation. It's a Social Experiment, a test of future control mechanism.

Southern Illinois formed a program to develop game theory and gaming. (I know... they're different but related subjects.... and so do they) Not limited at all to computer games, "the industry" includes comics and card games like Magic: The Gathering.

Individuals with supposed expertise in psychology, social behaviour and other subjects, and who understood the need for group-think as method of control were brought in to oversee creation of games that utilize symbolism, propaganda, subliminal messages, overt covert messages, stereotypes, sensory oversaturation..................... creating a Dystopian Society.

The Discordians, led by figureheads Robert Anton Wilson, Gregory Hill and Kerry Thornley.......

Satanists and Wiccans reveal their plans as ritual. It's part OF the ritual, to state the plan/problem. So we get high end games that use unusual themes in common.
Things satanic. Some overt. Some hidden. GTA is all about the dirty underbelly of all industries and how they tie in to each other. Red Dead Redemption is no different with undercurrent themes of cannibalism, sex trade, satanists and corrupt officials with hidden agendas.

As soon as a storyline was possible in a game, THE TEAMS were there to take advantage and attempt to spell your DOOM with games as ritual.
It should be obvious now even to a boiling frog.

Here's one Game Theory not mentioned: Gregory "Malcolypse the Younger" Hill went underground and helped lead the formation of Gaming as Psychological Operation to create Dystopia or Discordia. The one we have now. Gregory Hill, the son of "The Lady In Red" of JFK assassination Zapruder film fame. Scion of McGraw-Hill publishing Head of Discordian Society.

Is Gregory Hill the father of singer Lauren Hill? Then who is? Google
A seriously interesting question.