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In its ruling, the court said that the law was intended to avoid “confusion” and “abrupt change” to society. Yukari Ishii, a researcher at Toyo University in Tokyo, says that whereas in America and Europe long campaigns for gay rights paved the way for transgender people to call for more equitable treatment,

You couldn't pay me enough money to give two shits about people wnating to become trannies. But the way i see it, today it's tranny rights, tomorrow its about creating a global migration pact that allows infinite muslim migration into your country.


[–] green_man 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

Today it's tranny rights, tomorrow it's pedo rights. Globohomo wants both moslems and faggot degeneracy in western countries to destabilize them, but they're separate prongs on the kike spear. Pushing tranny bullshit doesn't lead to moslems.


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This makes me curious. Will tranny's become the new group to gain political power when we get tired of the gays and lesbians? Or will there be another fringe group?


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the new group is muslims. Muslim rights >Tranny rights.