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Smart move and ethnic Japanese who want to live as transgendered citizens will comply.

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This is taken completely out of context no matter where it's discussed.

The law isn't actually that they have to be sterilised but that people wishing to register a gender change on official documents must have their original reproductive organs removed and have a body that “appears to have parts that resemble the genital organs” of the gender they want to register. Sterilisation just happens to be a consequence of that.

so yeah, if you want the japanese government to officially recognize a new gender, you're going the whole nine yards, but I doubt not being "officially" recognizd as transgender would actually effect anyone's ability to live a transgender lifestyle.

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Same thing, but the "out of context" is good that way.

Unlike the shit in the west its to the point and doesn't give you (kids) the impression that your chromosomes change during the procedure.

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same thing.

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How so? It makes perfect sense that if someone wants to be legally reclassified from one "gender" to another, that ALL of their prior reproductive organs should be removed and replaced to the best ability of medical science with their new "gender". I imagine any ethnic Japanese who go down this path will calmly comply to maintain a peaceful and harmonious society.

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What is the fad like over in Japan really? The entire culture never struck me as one that would promote that sort of thing.

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Japan seems to be one of the few 1st world countries that go full "live and let live"(lack of leftists likely cause). They don't promote it, neither do they discourage it. Same for abortion. Unlike western women, it isn't something they celebrate. In fact, both the doctor and the woman on occasion will have a "funeral" of sorts at the Buddhist temples. This doesn't make it right or better in my view but it's a big step up from our women.

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What happened to the words transvestite and transsexual? vestite if you dress, sexual if you get the surgery.

What is this 'transgender'? It doesn't exist! Just call your self a transvestite like you are and if you cared enough to actually change gender you'd get the surgery.

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"Transgender" is the new term they came up with to describe "Masculine female" and "Feminine male", it's like the current generation are just dumbasses who've completely forgotten the fact that "Tomboy" and "Tomgirl" are the correct officially accepted terms for those words, with the exception of "Transgender" adding the idea that they believe classifying as such should grant them access to the opposite gender facilities such as bathrooms, locker rooms & etc. To be "included" in on gender/ sex exclusive functions.

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With the exception that the "tom" phase usally ends dring puberty.

Can't have that so the brainwash went into overdrive.

No we have 20+ yo in "universities" who are completly fucked up.

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Just transgender people? Why not Muslims? Japan is obviously racist.

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They hate the Chinese more

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And for good reason.

But they seem to come around on muslims though.

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Japs are not racist.

There's no such thing as race. We're different species.

They're protective of their culture, land, people. Unlike the christcuck west.

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I like this approach.

Edit: Of course, curing them would be better.

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Thats a funny way of spelling culling.

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It's the Japanese spelling, of course.

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In its ruling, the court said that the law was intended to avoid “confusion” and “abrupt change” to society. Yukari Ishii, a researcher at Toyo University in Tokyo, says that whereas in America and Europe long campaigns for gay rights paved the way for transgender people to call for more equitable treatment,

You couldn't pay me enough money to give two shits about people wnating to become trannies. But the way i see it, today it's tranny rights, tomorrow its about creating a global migration pact that allows infinite muslim migration into your country.

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Today it's tranny rights, tomorrow it's pedo rights. Globohomo wants both moslems and faggot degeneracy in western countries to destabilize them, but they're separate prongs on the kike spear. Pushing tranny bullshit doesn't lead to moslems.

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This makes me curious. Will tranny's become the new group to gain political power when we get tired of the gays and lesbians? Or will there be another fringe group?

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the new group is muslims. Muslim rights >Tranny rights.

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LOL good. Put up or shut up freaks

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I mean, how sensible is this rule, really?

If you idenitfy as a woman, society need to clear see that you're a woman. Cut off your bits and remove your testies, go through vigorous psychological testing, and very clear results.

Western LGBT are just using trans as tools to seize power, they don't give a shit about them.

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GOOD for Japan!

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