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Dude's a fuckin' idiot. That head can still snap around and take his hand off right there. About the ONLY place they can't reach is their own ass from the rear legs back.

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You're supposed to grab them on the ass point and the head point.

Source: I used to catch these at night time when I was a kid. You shine a flashlight in their eyes and they freeze up. You can catch frogs this way too.

Also here is a corroborating article for the handling locations.

Yes this guys a fucking moron.

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Can confirm. Am turtle.

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You know the name of this spieces of turtle? its fucking huge.

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I was thinking the same thing. It's remarkable how long their necks are when they extend it to rip your hand off. What a dumb ass.

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Why do people fuck with these things. Leave them alone. Did you see the video of one taking a chuck out of some guys lip on the news the other day. Leave these things alone, they call them snapping turtles for a reason.

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No. Look at it"s expression. That turtle is clearly a nuMale SoyBoy faggot.
The worst it will do is tweet about nearly being literally raped guize.

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This picture is an excellent argument against socialized healthcare. Why should I have to buy that retard a new hand?

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Because muh bleeding heart.

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That thing is probably 200 years old

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Queue Rim Shot!

Guy or the turtle?


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When I was a kid we had a snapper near our camp (cottage for all you proper folk). It was eating fish off the stringers at the docks. Anyways, me being 10 years old had the great idea of fishing for it. I was using 6+ inch shiner minnows and after a few days did catch it. So of course I have no clue what to do and start yelling for someone to come help. A couple of men who knew what to do strung it up and asked if we wanted to eat the neck. My parents had no clue so they declined. My best memory is after they cut the head off and told me (and others) not to touch it for a half hour as it will still snap and take your fingers off.

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Yeah, those hands probably should be a little further back...one that size can probably damn near sever his hand.

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Put me down you jackass!

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yay animals amirite?

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That is huge.

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alligator snapping turtles are crazy

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I think the man is crazier

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