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I've Got 5 calls deep holding almost all the time 2 of my drivers quit because they can't follow simple instructions and get mad when I became Stern with them and our main commercial manager is out because her daughter is in the hospital and my three day weekend just got cancelled because of said commercial manager being still out

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Seems to be a huge problem nowadays - no one knows how to fuckin listen and comprehend what they are listening to!

Sorry you're having a bad day but at least you seem to be the boss.

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It's good to be the king. Except for when your subjects are morons who throw temper tantrums. What is up with that, people can't accept responsibility for their actions anymore, you point it out and they throw a hissy fit. They are completely unaware, don't hear what you're telling them and then do something wrong and you point it out and again they throwing hissy fit. Anyways there's three of us managers technically I'm the lowest on the totem pole except the middle manager can't or won't take the Reigns and control any situation and he acts like Sweden being completely neutral and everybody's friend except for me which I'm the bad guy because I pull out my Stern voice whenever these idiots do something wrong or don't listen or argue with me, who is Brantley Western voice is yelling I just want to yell in his face and show him what real yelling is.

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It can be worse. We're all dying a much slower death, being bled dry for years through usury by the jews

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Heh, I am so sick and tired of usury it is not even funny and my family is all into that shit... Lots of bankruptcies but at the same time I'm like.... stop spending money on meaningless shit like thousand dollar piece of shit cellphones and five dollar coffees, save your fucking money and then buy the shit you would use a credit card on.... Yet even that is impossible as the cost of living is a fucking joke in this country. Barely anyone can live on a single income... no jobs want to hire anyone fulltime because Obamacare fucked everything up for us all... Shit, I am ready...

Fuck. Frustrating. I wish there were more men comfortable with violence out there than can help kick off what needs kicking off... No, not me, I'm not a man and I doubt anyone would follow a woman into battle the way life is nowadays. I'm rambling, sorry.

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It's part of the Jewish plan. They push soy-based formulas instead of breastfeeding, put soybean oil and textured soy flour in nearly every product on the market, then push estrogenic beer on adult men.

Males and females alike in the West are chemically castrated. Males are essentially sedated and don't have primal instincts anymore.

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It's way worse, at least that birds day has an end

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Oooh, that's the one where someone supposedly beheaded himself? I thought it got debunked as fake?

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No idea, but really it seems about as likely as suicide via two shots to the head.

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That the story about the Indian where she was eventually killed? Or the ten year old that got raped?

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Nah; it's the one where the kid allegedly chainsawed off his own head after losing in a video game.

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In a multiverse of endless possibility... believe me... things can get much worse than this.

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I'm HOPING (if i can hang on...today was a setback for my soul i think, when I lost my sanity for a time due to unfortunate random(?) circumstances) I can hang on for a BETTER eternity without predators and parasites and whatnot.

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Life would be boring and meaningless without predators and parasites.

Go visit some nature, perhaps that will help the pain you feel in your souls?

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You are RONG. There is SO much more to focus on, when you do not have to prepare for predators AND parasites. Nature? I AM nature. I don't WANT "nature" of someone elses desire. I want to pursue discovery and knowledge and understanding WITHOUT threat of the previously mentioned miscreants. Go visit...as if I'm some petulant child. YOU are evil. Boring...without you? I think NOT. So I WILL have you DESTROYED for YOUR stupid choices.PREPARE. Or not, I don't care. It's not relevant.