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Also, I think its pretty special for Fathers to read to their children each night, I know I loved having my dad read to me before bed, and although I started reading to my children before bed time once my husband started trying it as well he totally took over, and I was okay with that. I could see how much both he and the kids loved that quality time he got to spend with them after a day at work. I make a effort to read interesting articles out loud to anyone within ear shot or a particularly interesting quote from the book im reading - this is actually how I convince my Husband to embrace a more "traditional life" - he was raised by a loud overbearing mother and was excepted to help his 2 older single mother sisters with their kids, he had some very skewed views on women, family and how he should be treated. His grown into such a amazing man and father in these last 18 years. Im so proud of him. And ive gone off track... YES READING IS IMPORTANT!