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I think we have also lost sight of the value of self-denial and sacrifice, which is why there are people who would see living more simply, or not having a lot of money, as underperformance or failure or otherwise a disappointment or a huge hardship. Just because we want things doesn't mean we actually need them. Needs can be worked toward, saved for, budgeted for carefully instead of purchased right now RIGHT NOW. I guess it also depends on how you see your marriage. Is your husband just your economic engine and your provider of financial stability? Or is he your partner, your teammate, your best friend and lover? because that makes a difference too! If he's mostly your provider you're gonna have a bad time. But if you two are a team and you are best friends, you will not be so fixated on buying stuff and you will handle the financial ups and downs of life together without the need for resentment or fighting. I'm not sure my husband and I have ever had an actual fight over finances. We've had "what the f#$& have we done" moments where we realized we needed to reign in our spending habits. But I'm not sure we've ever had actual conflict over it. It just seems like an odd way to handle that. Fighting always does, though.

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Important truth and observations. Stickied.

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Lots of wisdom, lots to think about