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Oh my goodness, so true. More so if she makes a mistake or messes up somehow. We all make mistakes, and the ones we make as children should not be used negatively towards us to put us off trying again in the future.

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It seems obvious, but people forget to do it, these are great reminders.

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It's ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them

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I completely agree with you! And children can be clumsy, it happens.

Off topic so I apologise, but is your user name a tool reference?

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A sight that went extinct.

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I grew up watching my older sister stand on a stool at the kitchen sink and wash the dishes after every family dinner with our grandmother. my sister is now raising 2 girls that are just now beginning those same traditions.

rebuild families and traditions it's not extinct yet.

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Can I ask the age? Some of our childs' friends (between 3 and 4 years old) are already using nylon knives to help (at least pretend) with dinner prep. We aren't ready to put sharp objects in her hand yet and our floors might be too hard to let her wash dishes :)

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That picture really does say a lot. We must get it back.

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It’s a pic out of an American Girl Book, Kit series. Set during the Great Depression. It’s sad how different American Girl books and marketing are today.

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