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I remember in a mummy & baby yoga class one of the older women stopped me to let me that I looked so confident and at ease with my baby. for such a young mother (I was 22 I had my first at 20, so not particularly young). I thanked her and said he was my 2nd child and I also did yoga with my first born, so this wasn't my first rodeo so to speak.. But the point im trying to get at though is there seems to be a stigma about young mothers, as though we are incompetent or awkward.

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Or stupid "16 and pregnant" types..

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Yes, I guess I was thinking "young" mothers rather then teen mothers. People act like women in their 20's are young mothers - when it used to be the norm if not, abnormal to not have children by that stage. I always knew I wanted to have a family and that I wanted to start it right away.