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You forgot "being able to determine whether or not to arbitrarily change sex" at the 8 year old mark

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Also gotta add, "prepare speeches for the United Nations promoting a Carbon Tax solution for Anthropogenic Climate Change which has reached a democratic consensus amongst state-funded scientists."

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The 4 year old Chinese slave kids did a great job making my phone

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domesticated slavebugs were bred to learn routines early

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Matching socks at 4 years old? I can barely do that now

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Lmao I have a 12 year old niece that doesn’t do shit. It’s funny to me because my brother and sister in law (her parents) made me do literally every kitchen clean up chore. Not mad about that, just mad that they’re fuck ups and their daughter will be a fat whore with no home building skills.

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No worries, she’ll end up a waste of life surrounded by Doritos and cats and you’ll go on to have real skills and purpose

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You're not wrong at all! I just hope she doesn't fuck a nigger.

Last thing I need is a niglet in the family.

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Where's working in the salt mines?

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That's not a chore, that's a job. And it depends on what you are doing. 12 was traditional to start sorting in Virginia and Pennsylvania. In England you could get a job as a doorwatcher at 4 or 5. You would sit for 12 hour shifts on a stool and open and close a small wooden hatch. If your family didn't need all your wages, you could afford to bring a candle.

I'm proud of what my ancestors were able to endure.

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Where is working in a chain gang?

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Forgot one ...

Making guns ... any and all ages

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I just send my kid off to the mines.

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No working in the coal mines?

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