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I fucked a girl on a beach once and in a public hot water springs. Be careful ladies there are savages every where but we all know you love the savages not the betacucks

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Thanks for chiming in on a thread intended for girls because I want them to understand that plenty of guys don't have their best interest in mind. Some guys want to pluck a woman's virginity and wear it like a feather in his cap and nothing more. These kinds of men are called whoremongers aka makers of whores and generally prey on naive girls by making them believe that they really care about her.

If a man is truly interested in you for marriage, he'll respect your physical boundaries. Yes, he may try to test them, but he's not going to try to deflower you on a public beach.

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It is a very complex issue. Chads get pussy. Betas dont. Betas respect and have the womans best intrest at heart. For some reason women hate this and love fucking chad while he literaly doesnt give a fuck about her. Ive witnessed this first hand on many levels.

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I'm a guy myself as well and it's so complicated to say the least. The math there alone is very complicated / complex there to say the least as well. Just when it comes to being sober with more rational thinking Vs. drunk with more irrational / immoral thinking alone about sexual intercourse with a woman and/or a female for that matter.

When I view it personally as a white guy / guy myself it's not always "savages" especially with women wanting to explore their sexuality and/or wanting to be in that situation to as well. They call men "savages" on this alone to say the least.

I don't want to protect white women and I don't want to protect white men on this matter as well. I think honestly it takes two to tango and in this current climate with everything going on it works both ways.

Men are often labeled "savages" and women are often labeled as "innocent", but with the women I've listened to over the years. White daughters or white women for that matter can be just as bad if not worse than many white men in some / many situations.

I think it works both ways no matter what and I may be a (white) guy talking and/or speaking from a (white) guys perspective here, but growing up and listening to white women speak about this it goes both ways and/or it's complicated / complex to say the least as well.

Duality is huge and/or key here for now is what I figure. It has to work on both sides that way.

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Along those lines, a good man should be interested in a woman who has a good relationship with her parents, who are together.

As with many things, we laugh at "old fashioned" ideas such as a man asking the lady's father for permission/blessing before asking her to marry him.

He should want her parents' blessing. She should want him to value her family, and family values.

Ladies, would you want a man to marry you with no regard for your parents' feelings?

Guys, would you want to marry a woman whose parents' did not approve?

Our communities used to help young people in courtship. They used to warn them, and guide them. Everyone was better for it.

MTV (how old am I? Is MTV still a thing) would tell you to disregard and defy those who love you the most... those most invested in you. Sadly, most of our influences these days are sabotage.

"Traditional" is for a reason.

Public courtship sounds like a great idea to me.

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Group dates are great. Get to see how they interact with others. Time is the best test of a someone's character.

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Bunch of single loser dudes commenting here... Kinda funny seeing them argue in a Tradwife thread about what an Alpha is and how mating selection works.

Consider this fact: The vast majority of dads are not even close to being Chads. And the proof that they fucked is walking around EVERYWHERE

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Married at 21...it's been 15 years!

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I agree, but where is the rest of her skirt?

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Nice except the product placement.

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So I saw a teen girl sitting on top of a teen boy making out on a slide at a playground this afternoon. I wanted to say something but didn't know what. When they noticed I was walking by they got up and looked a bit embarrassed... What would you have done?

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I found some teens having sex in the woods next to a high school while walking my dog. My dog was off leash and curious and went up and sniffed butts- killed the mood i guess? lol

IDK what I would have done in this situation- depends if my kids were with me, etc. Probably would have let my presence been known and tried to make them feel uncomfortable.

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