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I couldn't make it all the way through the comments it was too sad.

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Ditto. But yet, as a wife, it was quite humbling to read.

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I was posied to give everything to my first few girlfriends. I'm a hard working, smart guy who stands to, at the very least, inherit enough to be well-off. I am still prepared to be adaptable in my ultimate goals, but I have ideas... But every single woman I have dated has given me this treatment. I mean, therewere a few thatwere completely aloof, but that's almost worse for someone seeking a healthy, long-term relationship.

My advice is this: Never date anyone unwilling to be explicit in their desires and expectations, and certainly never date anyone who makes you feel worse off than you would alone.

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I should congratulate my wife for getting a perfect score on this test. 7/7!

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The comments section is filled with defeated, frustrated, sad men. Notice how their stories are so similar. It’s heart wrenching. Motivates me to improve where I can