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I'm sick of your hate speech promoting of the family. Do you even know how offensive and unsafe it makes faggots and trannies feel?

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Laughed out loud at this one.

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It really seems like getting a degree is a trap for women. Once they're in student loan debt, they feel like the option of becoming a stay at home mom is off the table, so they either delay the kids they want (sometimes for so long they miss the opportunity to have children at all), or let strangers raise them and miss out on everything in their formative years. It's a really high price to pay, especially when so many are going to college just because "that's what you do after high school".

I also see a lot of women on parenting forums who got used to a challenging job or an academic setting complain about feeling a loss of identity from parenting a young baby. They've basically spent all their lives training for the wrong job, learning the wrong skills, and reinforcing the wrong personality traits in themselves. Very sad.

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Not to mention men earn less because there's twice the competition for jobs, so there's more temptation to have a 2-income family.

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That makes so much sense. Then parenta have less time to raise kids while the government does it for them. Also more women in usless jobs is more taxes for for the government.

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that's what you do after high school

Weird. I went on to shoot mudslimes.

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I love working for my husband and not for a Zionist.

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I get your point, but a woman making $60-180k is rather disingenuous. Hell, it's disingenuous for males. The median household income in the US is ~$60k, meaning 2 earners. According to cnbc the peak female income is ~$45k. Don't think this is some sort of "keep the woman down" type thing, quite the opposite, I'd willingly forego a good chunk of money to have a full time partner that fulfills household duties.

TL;DR I 100% agree but the numbers in the picture are off.

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Yeah,but what is the median among white women?

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No clue. You'll probably never find those stats. Good question though, you will probably never find them. Honk Honk I guess?

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When a woman does make those numbers all it does is make the husband lazy and unappreciative.

He kicks back and is happy he doesn't have to stress out. Like woman that waste their youth and end up man hating cat ladies, a dependent man's complete loss of respect for himself usually kicks in too late to be useful.

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The situation you described ends up one of a few ways. They adopt some nigger and act like it's human, she has a kid and it's emotionally neglected, or they have no kids at all.

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It was true for my parents.

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I only have a small sick pension about 1000 euro a month. My husband makes a bit more but not much right now. Still I get pestered about putting my 2 year old in preschool.

Why would I lose the time with here when Im at home all day anyway and why on earth would I spend all the money I have on "childcare" no way Im paying to let 30 kids and 3 strangers raise my daughter.

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Many women joined the workforce because 70's, 80's, 90's "good men" were media brainwashed into handing all authority and responsibility to their wives - whether the woman wanted it or not. My husband is 65 and I am still trying to teach him it's okay to be "the man of the house".

It's going to take a sea change.

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considering how much taxes those first 3 would pay, those numbers should be cut in half

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Lol, all the good men are sick of the bullshit and are more than happy to do "bad" things now.

Send this world to Hell.

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You're 19 and black pilled. Get off the internet and go outside.

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Update, 20 now, but no. It's not a blackpill. It's motherfucking reality.

I wouldn't expect a woman to understand of course. Their place is the home and all. Get off the internet and raise your kids.

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