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I liked the meme, ditch the man cave and bring back the study. A hallway library is a good option for those without dedicated space.

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A proper study/library is ideal, but yes, if you don't have the room but a bookcase anywhere. To fill with books, not toys. God damn it I shoudn't even need to say that.

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A nice benefit of this hallway library is that the sun doesn't shine directly on these books. Sunlight can damage covers and jackets, so if you have books you value, it's best to protect them from the sun.

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Also, the hallway is not in the most public part of the house; I hate it when visitors think it’s ok to go through my books without asking permission to do so; for one thing, an appallingly large number of people have not been properly educated about how to handle books without damaging them, and moreover what I choose to read and study is not necessarily their business; next house will have a dedicated study (my current office doubles as guest room so is not ideal...)

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Not recommended if you have kids or pets...they will mess with anything towards floor level

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Training collar

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Perfect for a secret-entrance-behind-the-bookshelves project leading to a room under those stairs

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You can build in book cases and shelving in a lot of odd nooks and areas. Maximizing storage to have some more knowledge and culture to hand is a good thing.

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How do you get to the stairs?

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Go through the door and the stairs will be on your right

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Oh, I have a toilet/ladder idea that beats that.

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I never would have thought to put books on shelves!!