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An additional note about maintaining freshness. It's not good to wear tight underwear all the time. Sometimes none is best. Historically, women didn't wear much in the way of underwear when not menstruating and in the west, traditional panties were open crotch. Get some air down there.

Also, ferments (lactobacillus) can help balance PH in the vagina. If you find yourself having issues with itch but no symptoms to indicate bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection, your vagina might be too acidic. Adding more natural ferments to your diet can fix this.

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Oh my goodness, this is so true. I was LDS and the garments (magic underwear, if you've heard of it) were known to be a horro for LDS ladies in causing UTIs and other issues.

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Historical clothing nerd here...

So true. Until the 1910s, underwear consisted of a chemise and open drawers (open drawers only coming into fashion in the mid-1800s). Panties didn’t exist. This was largely a practicality thing, as wearing panties with a corset just does not work. I hadn’t considered the UTI/yeast infection thing but that makes sense too.

Modern women get wigged out by the concept; I can’t get the girls at the historical site where I volunteer to understand why they should go “period” with their undergarments. But it’s super comfy...