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[–] 2nddammit 2 points 12 points (+14|-2) ago  (edited ago)

Number 1 is way off base. It is withholding behavior, not sharing and availability. Are you going to wear a t-shirt when you shower together? Selective articles of clothing can add to attraction at times, but the purpose of the wrapping on a gift is to be removed to reveal what is underneath. Mystique and allure are mental phenomena. Flirtatious comments and interactions reinforced by physical intimacy keep the mental spark alive. Refusal to bare all in intimate moments will cause frustration, not connection.

[–] Empress [S] 2 points 12 points (+14|-2) ago 

Obviously tailor to you and your spouses needs. I go skinny dipping with my husband so he's definitely seen me completely naked. I just try to make sure he doesn't become accustomed to seeing me naked. Make sense?

[–] AbjectSubstance 1 point 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

I thought it was good advice.

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I know it is hard to ask without condescension but we need to start asking commentators (maybe a flair is in order?) if they are married/have kids. There is an attitude put there that ALL viewpoints are equally valid and I would argue that relevant experience counts for something. Are we taking bets on the above commentators status? Every comment you make has a least an implued hint of experience, whilst so many "know it alls'" have non.

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I feel the same way. There's nothing wrong with letting him regularly see you naked. My husband sees me that way pretty much daily, yet my feminine mystique is still very much in place for him. He still finds me alluring and sexy even after having three babies and no longer looking exactly like my teenage self. I like your analogy of wrapping don't leave little pieces stuck on the gift to make the recipient want it more. But I think overall her point can be taken as, don't stop trying to be beguiling and sexy for your husband. And that's valid.