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Number 1 is way off base. It is withholding behavior, not sharing and availability. Are you going to wear a t-shirt when you shower together? Selective articles of clothing can add to attraction at times, but the purpose of the wrapping on a gift is to be removed to reveal what is underneath. Mystique and allure are mental phenomena. Flirtatious comments and interactions reinforced by physical intimacy keep the mental spark alive. Refusal to bare all in intimate moments will cause frustration, not connection.

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Obviously tailor to you and your spouses needs. I go skinny dipping with my husband so he's definitely seen me completely naked. I just try to make sure he doesn't become accustomed to seeing me naked. Make sense?

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I thought it was good advice.

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I know it is hard to ask without condescension but we need to start asking commentators (maybe a flair is in order?) if they are married/have kids. There is an attitude put there that ALL viewpoints are equally valid and I would argue that relevant experience counts for something. Are we taking bets on the above commentators status? Every comment you make has a least an implued hint of experience, whilst so many "know it alls'" have non.

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I feel the same way. There's nothing wrong with letting him regularly see you naked. My husband sees me that way pretty much daily, yet my feminine mystique is still very much in place for him. He still finds me alluring and sexy even after having three babies and no longer looking exactly like my teenage self. I like your analogy of wrapping paper...you don't leave little pieces stuck on the gift to make the recipient want it more. But I think overall her point can be taken as, don't stop trying to be beguiling and sexy for your husband. And that's valid.

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Clone yourself... Millions and millions of times. -Every man ever. ARE YOU LISTENING LADIES???

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Just because I know the right thing to do, doesn't mean I always do it. I make mistakes and am plenty flawed. I can be moody, irritable, and too serious at times. I'm just a woman in the world that's trying to be a slightly better version of myself than yesterday, because yesterday I wasn't a peach to live with ;)

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My momma told me that if I couldn't cut the mustard to lick the jar. I don't know what that means but she said it. oy vey

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The robe thing is spot on. I inherited my Grandmother's silk kimono style robe. It's surprisingly warm but so pretty.

And the book part? My ex Husband and I used to read a book together. We would do a few pages or a chapter together each night, taking turns to read it, and it was lovely to do so

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Good silk lasts generations. You're a lucky girl. Love that idea of reading a book together..so lovely <3

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It does, doesn't it? If my nephews have girls I'll pass it on to the eldest :) It's a really classy and timeless piece as well.

Audio books can also be a good substitution. I liked (and still do) doing needlepoint with one on in the background

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An additional note about maintaining freshness. It's not good to wear tight underwear all the time. Sometimes none is best. Historically, women didn't wear much in the way of underwear when not menstruating and in the west, traditional panties were open crotch. Get some air down there.

Also, ferments (lactobacillus) can help balance PH in the vagina. If you find yourself having issues with itch but no symptoms to indicate bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection, your vagina might be too acidic. Adding more natural ferments to your diet can fix this.

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Oh my goodness, this is so true. I was LDS and the garments (magic underwear, if you've heard of it) were known to be a horro for LDS ladies in causing UTIs and other issues.

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Historical clothing nerd here...

So true. Until the 1910s, underwear consisted of a chemise and open drawers (open drawers only coming into fashion in the mid-1800s). Panties didn’t exist. This was largely a practicality thing, as wearing panties with a corset just does not work. I hadn’t considered the UTI/yeast infection thing but that makes sense too.

Modern women get wigged out by the concept; I can’t get the girls at the historical site where I volunteer to understand why they should go “period” with their undergarments. But it’s super comfy...

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My grandmother was very oldschool. She would redo her makeup and put on something nice just to go to the grocery store, even after my grandfather passed away. She also kept a pot of perpetual stew on the back burner for hungry children.

Sexy, yet modest nightgown. Guys. She likes looking sexy. You like it when she looks sexy. Buy her sexy stuff. Maybe something like this too.

Never let your husband see you completely naked.

I'd like to change this to almost never. If you're having some fun in bed, there's nothing wrong with wearing absolutely nothing. Similarly, wearing a towel when you come out of the bathroom gives him a visual tease, but there's nothing wrong with dropping the towel right before you put on underwear, giving him a couple seconds of the full visual appeal.

Don't lose your figure and lose the baby weight.

Of course you only have so much control over your weight while pregnant, but you shouldn't use this as an excuse to let yourself waste away. A person can gain a lot of excess weight over 6 months or so. Two of my sisters were lucky and remained thin with a basketball belly. The third had more trouble, which was only compounded by being pregnant more frequently than the other two.

It's also worth noting that you might have an extra 5lbs from having more blood and bigger boobs. You should be able to get within 10 pounds over time with little effort, but that last 5 pounds might give you trouble should you still be storing extra fat in your boobs and carrying the extra blood.

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I LOVE that pajama set!

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When Voat gets rich you should be endowed an academy.

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I've always wanted to open a finishing school! A place to get young women prepared for marriage with classes on how to cook, keep house, entertain, cheesemaking classes, the works.

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If you do I will buy the curriculum.

Would love to collaborate.

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I can think of no one better qualified.

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I use a lot of free old ebooks for reference from amazon. They are full of great information.

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I cracked up at cheese making. Cheese is the one food I have no self control around. If my girlfriend made great cheese I would be screwed. Goodbye six pack. Hello keg

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That's an impressive list.

Confirmation: Smell nice. Wear a dress. Don't be gross.

Corrections: clothes, don't care.

Sex: Wash your asshole. It stinks.

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