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And that is exactly why letting women vote is such a devastating proposition.

I'm glad you took control of your life.

You felt guilty before? How long did you feel this guilt prior to your lifestyle change? Where did it come from?

Did your husband have any active role in this shift? It seems you described him as very passive, as in seeing what he had been doing when you worked at home gave you a push.

By the way, totally agree with you on homeschool. It'll be illegal in a few years and then we'll have to [have our wives] give birth privately.

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I felt guilty because every message in our culture is designed to get women into the work place. Consequently, I considered myself inadequate and a failure even after I'd delivered our daughter with no pain meds and brought a whole new human into this world. I imagine most women feel the same guilt. There's no one there applauding mothers who stay home with their kids. There's plenty of people who'll look down on you for it, though.

As far as my husband goes, it's been interesting. The more I cede to his best judgement, the happier I am and the more he takes charge. It's actually pretty sexy.

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Honestly with my parents. My poor father would have just been happy had mom not cooked, cleaned, done laundry, anything. She literally could have done nothing. And we all would have taken that deal. Her abuse and attempting to make important family decisions were the problem.

That said..I don't advise doing that as im sure many men would be extremely resentful. But keeping a home and not being over bearing and letting the man of the house make decisions good or ill. That's batting 1000. Now you can give your COUNCIL but don't gloat if it turns out your right. And don't feel stupid if it turns out you were wrong. Also be wary of thinking of it in terms of right and wrong. You input information into your dudes head. He does the calculations and your input may have had more impact than you think even if it appears he disregarded it.

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It's really interesting you say you felt guilty because every message in our culture is designed to get women into the work place. I truly felt like I belonged in the workplace, until I found voat. Now that I'm the breadwinner (we're working on switching that around, long story) I can't stay home and homeschool my children. And I feel extremely guilty that I'm not there for my family in the way tradwives are. I envy you, to a point it eats at me. Please know there are those of us, even if you don't know us, who know what you do, and applaud you for it.

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And that is exactly why letting women vote is such a devastating proposition.

It's funny how much support this gets now. One of my wife's favorite things now is to bring up everything going wrong with the suffrage movement, and seeing how accepted that is when it comes from a woman.

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I hope she still votes lol. Keep in mind most white women voted for Trump.

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YOur wife is a troll. Congrats, faggot

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And that is exactly why letting women vote is such a devastating proposition.

Yes, I completely understood this once I "woke up".

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I'm very new to this movement (am a young woman who was raised in NYC), and instinctively one of the first real positions I switched on was women's voting rights. I don't believe women should vote at all. I think this is something men should do, only, no exceptions. Something about it just feels wrong to me, but I have no logical reasoning as to why we shouldn't vote. I'm curious as to why you think allowing women to vote is wrong, maybe a logical explanation would help me know how to word it to others? If you don't mind sharing, that is :)

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I would forget about being able to explain it to other people, they probably won't be convinced. But, here is the reasoning.

Women are designed to be malleable. Healthy women are 30% fat, healthy men are 30% muscle. Women, fundamentally, are not meant to assert themselves over the world. Rather, much of the opposite.

One example of this is how women (sometimes) approach the mating pool. Women, moreso than men, are influenced by other woman's opinions of men. For instance, a woman values a man more as a partner if she notices other women pursuing him as well. Why is this? Could this cause them to misjudge, and mate with a man who really wasn't the best choice? Absolutely, but it's better than taking the chance of choosing apart from the group. Enough of the women who were willing to totally disregard what the other women wanted died off from making mistakes that women everywhere today are influenced by peer pressure when making important decisions.

Another example: Disagreeing with your guy. Men are quite a lot stronger than women, and better balanced for combat too (this also means they'll fall over on trains if they can't "manspread"). Especially then, when more men got exercise, women were weaker. If he wants to eat almost all of the animal, you're probably best off letting him take it, because it's much easier for him to live without you than you without him. In general, decision making would fall to the man, if only because they have too. Fortunately, however, if this is allowed to continue for several thousand years, if men always make decisions and women always submit to the man's judgement, men who make poor decisions will die. HOWEVER, women's judgement moves nowhere. If anything, women evolve to prefer for the man to make the decision.

In short, without government, the best judgement will belong to the strongest muscles. The only way you can revert the natural order is by forcing the new order with the state. And what better way to drive a population to self-destruction than to activate the half of their mind that never had to make good judgements?

Hopefully that makes sense. Women are worse judges of strategy and tactics, in general, because they are more arbitrary and because they're meant to let men make the decisions.

Keep in mind that all of this thinking applies to men and women within a race. For instance, if you are germanic, your development was never influenced by a black man. It could be (is) better than most black men. Do not ever "submit," mentally, physically, or, god forbid, sexually, to men outside of your race. It is unnatural.

Please take care. Also please vote, haha.

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What a terrific heartfelt post. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it. It has been stickied and is now featured in our sidebar.

Also, congratulations on your amazing success. <3

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Wow, I'm flattered! Sorry it took me so long to get up the nerve to do it.

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You did a beautiful job! Yes, it can be uncomfortable exposing oneself to internet strangers but it really does help others. Unlike feminists, we don't have a huge support system to lean on....we are lucky if we have a church community and a friend or two IRL who understand us.

Keep on keeping on. I'm so proud of you. <3 <3 <3

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What a lovely life you are making for your family and yourself. That was so encouraging to read. <3

I see so many sad and lonely kids in the public school system. I wish more had moms like you who would stand up and protect them by homeschooling. I was homeschooled and my family was the “mover and shaker” with my parents slowly learning to question everything. My mom really struggled to keep many good friends because of that. As kids, we still had friends. Though, even my homeschool kid friends were too “Normie” for me to relate to deeply growing up. I didn’t make strong friendships until I found some like minded ladies over the past few years.

I’ll second the person who recommended Khan Academy. He’s very liberal now, but his technical videos on math and other non-political subjects are still fantastically explained.

I always like to put my plug in for Charlotte Mason. Checkout the SimplyCharlotteMason or AmblesideOnline websites. I dont plan to follow her guidance religiously, but I like her ideas and especially her theories on what makes a good book. AmblesideOnline has booklists of living books for every age.

One more: we didn’t use the Sonlight curriculum, but their booklists are great to take to the library to get more ideas of wholesome age-appropriate books to check out. My mom used the library a lot for homeschooling books. She saved a lot of $$ because of that.

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Seeing a woman want to be her best for her man, makes the men want to be better men for women like you.

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A very encouraging thing to hear. Men are--after all--hardwired to support and protect the women who love them and want to care for the children they have together. Speaking as a female, nothing disappoints me more than seeing selfish women using men for impregnation purposes, and then promptly throwing the fathers out of their lives after said child is born... a child whose formative years are deprived of the paternal influence a child nowadays needs so desperately.

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Hang in there. You will meet others who are in the same or similar circumstances. Conservative women are around, for sure. People will see your happiness and want to be a part of it. People are drawn to happy people. It took you a while to turn around; it will take as much, if not more, time for others. Our society is due for a reckoning and it is here (or about to turn). The crew that is not awake is lost. Some from there will reach out. Help them, even though you may want to tell them to shove it. Congratulations on your awareness! Welcome to the real world where not everything is a bow to the white patriarchy and a political hitjob. The Left has created this division that you are witnessing. Those of us who are awake have seen the same divisions caused by the Left. You are not alone. Find a local chapter of Concerned Women for America. There, you will meet some of the kindest and most patriotic women you'll have the pleasure and honor to meet. I wish you well. Thank you for sharing and pay no mind to the numbskulls who may chime in.

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I've never heard of that group. Thank you for the tip!

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omg a happy family. liberals must hate you.

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They sure seem to!

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What a great story! That's a big transformation, and most of all, congratulations on being HAPPY!

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You are a keeper dear !!!

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