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Good post :) Not sure who will stick around besides Stamkos and Hedman but hope we manage to keep the "triplets" and Stralman. Regarding goaltending, Vasy will be transitioned to the #1 role and I have high hopes about Drouin becoming our franchise forward, alongside Stamkos.

The future looks bright and I can't wait to watch this team for the next few years. Glad to see Morrow gone, kinda wish we hadn't kept Sustr but he can get better.


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Yeah, it'll be an interesting few years. I'm hoping to see Stamkos get the max 8 years this summer and Hedman as well when his contract is up.

Drouin should get a legitimate chance to play alongside Stamkos on the top line this season. It's becoming a problem for the franchise, a good problem at that, but a problem nonetheless. A glut of top six forwards in the system that are pressing for playing time. Vladdy, Drouin, Callahan, Val Fil, the triplets, Killorn, and there are more coming with guys like Peca and Point specifically. It's starting to get into a longjam of skill forwards that hopefully will be sorted out well enough -- but who stays and goes?

The same thing is happening on the defensive back end. Koekkoek and Deangelo will soon transition to the pro game, and I really like the strides that Nesterov is making. The Hedman/Stralman combo at the top is outstanding and guaranteed to be here for some years, but after that, it gets interesting.

Definitely a really bright future for many years. If Yzerman and the scouting department keep an eye for developing talent within the system and execute, it might be a different experience for fans as players outside of Stamkos/Hedman and maybe Johnson/Kucherov could be shown the door for younger, and more importantly significantly cheaper, talent.