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Pulse Nightclub Gunman's Father Was an FBI Informant | Time

'Lawyers for the Pulse nightclub shooter’s widow said Monday that the government has revealed that his father had been an FBI informant for 11 years before the attack. '

'He said Salman’s family had voiced suspicions previously that Omar Mateen’s father had a possible relationship with the FBI, but they lacked evidence to support this. '

'This latest evidence, they say, points instead to Mateen’s father as a potential accomplice.“There are two viable theories of defense that could have been developed . '

'First, Omar Mateen conspired with his father, rather than Noor Salman, to commit the acts,” the defense wrote.“Alternatively, the FBI’s purported interviews with Ms. '

'As for Seddique Mateen, the government had listed him as a potential witness in February, but did not make him testify before resting its case. '

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