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They are underdeveloped humans, look at their brain structure. They are very istunctual (emotional), they frighten easily, anger easily, and have no concept of critical thinking. Of course that is probably from 80 years of slavery.

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Correct except for this bit:

Of course that is probably from 80 years of slavery.

They've been enslaving each other for millennia. Slavery would still be a thing everywhere if white people hadn't put a stop to it and backed it up with military and economic might.

The most likely reason is the evolutionary pressures exerted on the northern races weathering an ice age, while blacks wandered around Africa where food is everywhere and is fairly easy to hunt, the seasonal shifts are mild, so no planning is needed regards shelter and clothing and storing food through fallow periods (ie: no requirement for long term planning or abstract thought to project a sense of themselves beyond an eternal "now" and into a potential set of future timelines).

Whites earned their brain structure and higher functions the hard way. Blacks became prime slave material because they spent aeons existing in the easiest survival niche they could find. And evolution simply just started selecting for short-term oriented traits and animal-tier mate-attracting "show" elements like big dicks (because they didn't wear cloths as a rule), rather than the intelligence and planning traits required for surviving ice age winters (also because of heavy warm clothing, having an overly big cock for show served no function - whites fared better than the sino-asians though - same ice age era evolutionary background, but some telling division occurred back in the day). So with blacks, you get the animal-level cognition and compliance (feed them but also whip them, and they'll do what they're told until they die), mixed with the physical dexterity of a human.

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Well it's only bad slavery when white people do it to them, that's what I was after....

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I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I knocked a bitch up and ran

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non-player character who tries to act like a normal person, a kind of A.I or computer bot for example inside a Grand Theft Auto video game...the bot with basic skills such as saying 'bitch homie' attacking you, running from police, saying fuck etc While NPC's are controlled by impulses from the games artificial intelligence hoodrats are controlled by the Dindu Nuffin freak out impulses from A-Freak-Ah n sheeeeit we wuz Kangz! Nigga!

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I wish we had the guards from Oblivion patrolling the ghetto. Unlimited numbers, they don't fuck around, 6th sense when a crime is committed.

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With some blacks is it basically a monkey see and monkey do kind of business. This does not mean they are more complex than the higher primates in terms of how they approach their environment and society, but its not really that complicated and not much more complicated than that found among the higher primates.

I think it essentially comes to just doing things for Africans. I am sure there is some thinking and basic reasoning involved, but it does not get very complex or more complex than this. Blacks are so animalistic that they essentially are like machines and why they make such great political peons and social serfs.

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We need a mod to improve their AI. Bethesda never finishes anything.

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the NPC meme needs to die already, it's CLEARLY a pushed meme. it's being pushed because it pushes disassociation to people. i can't believe people don't see the whole 'NPC' as a clear and obvious psy-op, even JUST for the merit of how hard it's being pushed, it's clearly not organic.

edit: that said, i'm open to me being wrong on this part, i just have a hard time believing in coincidences anymore.

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It's just a label that hit the sweet spot at the right time. Everyone already knew it and was familiar with the concept, but it just didn't have a "conceptual short cut" name that got everyone on the same page so quickly.

Exactly the same shit happened with "SJW".

And the counter-narratives are already spilling in, just like with "SJW". This NPC thing is really burning some asses out there. This is definitely a sore spot we should keep prodding, if only to see what happens.

Personally I see it as a question of resource management. Most people have the brain structure (white people, anyway - there's a tell-tale skull shape) for higher analytical functions in their frontal lobes. But as with everything in nature, accessing it comes with an energy or resource cost. For most people, the world just works as it should. So there's no need to super-analyze everything. You can kind of passively get through life as long as you obey the road rules set out for you. But for nerds, geeks, misfits of other stripes (with the accompanying brain architecture) life doesn't "work". We constantly hit road blocks and dead ends, and it requires constant processing and analysis to track where we went "wrong" or where the system was artificially arranged to prevent people progressing down certain "disruptive" paths. For this kind of misfit, the resource load required to constantly scan, analyze, translate/interpret contradictory signals and lies is actually pretty rewarding. So we actually reshape our lives to free up resources for these thought and analytical processes. These resources are often drawn from areas that we devalue, like bothering to keep up with fashions or social fads. Obsessing over sports, facebook or office gossip or whatever.

This flows back to the NPC meme neatly, because a video game runs on the same principles as described above. A game console or PC has finite resources available. If a game has retard-tier NPCs and AI it's because a choice was made to divert available resources to some other aspect of the game. Because that other aspect was considered more important or a better investment of those resources.

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Finding out that many people, in modern society, lack an internal monologue helped me fill in some blanks. Why can so many people live with such blatant cognitive dissonance? Because they never run through things.

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yeah i understand it, because it just seems to fit very nicely, with almost jigg-saw-puzzle perfection. I've seen it in action myself a lot too, it's a specifc subset of 'normies' so to speak, where as soon as you go off-script with them, they kind of freeze, and go back to their scripted line, being unable to improvise a thought of their own. it's pretty uncanny.

my main reason for disliking it as a meme, is because it just smells too much of being pushed and being pushed -hard- it came out of nowhere, got spammed everywhere into infinity, and now it's been picked up.

i've just gotten to the point where i don't really believe in chohencidences anymore. that said, i could just be wrong there as well, because the meme DOES strike a very specific spot where it fits in perfectly.

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Why? Maybe because a lot of us grew up playing video games and can relate to the npc idea.

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sure i can relate to it as well, but you have to be stupid to not be able to see the inorganic-ness of this meme.

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That sounds like something an npc would say to throw us off his npc ways..

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i have been evidenced