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I just sleep in my gun safe.

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590 Shockwave shadow-mounted in an overhead recess on the headboard invisible unless your head is on the pillow, CZ-97B cocked and locked in the false-drawer by the bedstand, and a skeletonized 5.56 AR-15 10" SBS mounted under the bed frame.

And that's just my side of the bed, the wife was more creative with the 60DS and a 9mm MP5.

Now that I think about it, we've paid the government a lot of money for NFA-item tax stamps.

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You see, those kind of weapons are for terrorists only. But since you paid tax stamps, obviously they are no longer extra dangerous. Isn't it magic what extra tax does?

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Two pistols and a shotgun on my side, but it's got a 20.5" barrel for more ammo.

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I always have a gun nearby no matter where I am

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AR pistol under the bed, AR rifle behind the door, G17 under the pillow and an XDS45 carried small of back.

Stomach sleeper.