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VERY interesting stuff. I had never seen any of this. Thank you.

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UpVote so this can get permanently pinned... One of the best posts I've read since QRV began.

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Everytime I Up vote it gives me this: An exception has been encountered

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Thanks patriot!

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Wow, this is fantastic. Two random thoughts/observations. First, this guy has legitimate information but he is not a Senate Staffer. He knows too much. Second, I am bummed about Pence.

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Not surprised on Pence. I'm a strong Evangelical Christian & I don't go telling people about my 'good behavior' (like him never having lunch with a female alone.) He has always struck me as off somehow. Also, his note passing at one event seems sketchy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oROX_12RgsU

He & wife got an envelope at Bush funeral: http://unexplainedmysteriesoftheworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Karen-Pence.png

Read through this post: https://voat.co/v/GreatAwakening/2936469

Pence was likely one of their insurance plans.

Totally agree the poster has a job quite different than a Senate staffer. He'd have a death wish to post his real position.

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Thank you for this!!

Was this the first drop:

09/11/17(Mon)00:12:12 ?

Interesting numbers there, 9/11; 17;

12 12 are Skull & Bones.

Military planning at its finest. Do these drops make any connections in the qclock?

I thought the first posts from Q didn’t sound like Q, as we know (&love) today. Q had to get our attention in the beginning, he had to feed us the bait (truth) and get us to bite (wake up).

Was this the first bait, but not enough biters?

Seems legit.


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Looks like he received a handoff to me in that video.

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I saw that video too. Can’t remember the context but can verify your memory of it.

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72 white male senators. Black lovechild would be an issue in the Deep South.

I was more interested in the questions he wouldn’t answer. Anon is scared of getting whacked by handler. Makes no sense he’d give such a telling clue.

If an anonymous person wouldn’t tell me where he was from but said “the crack was good at the pub last night” I’d know he’s Irish.

People can tell yiure from San Francisco if you use the word “hella”

If this is true then anon is stupid and gonna get “Seth Riched”


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If he were a senate staffer then he'd have outed himself to a 'handler' by saying he worked for the senator with an illegitimate child from a black prostitute. Either there is no love child of a black prostitute to trace back to a particular senator (endangering all staffers of such a senator to DS killers who would want to silence the SenateAnon) or there are quite a few senators that made love children with black prostitutes so no staffers can be pinpointed due to too many possibles.

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Just assume they said that instead of [REDACTED]... Agreed, they fibbed and even fibbed in a way a government worker would. :/

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I am assuming that he is lying about his position and the nature of any blackmail he knows about so that no one can figure out who he is.

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Ive been trying to make the same point. It’s either disinformation and he’s gonna get someone killed or he’s dumb and gonna get himself killed.


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Good catch. I almost feel I’m commenting on my own post. Maybe this is my own post. I came to see if anyone had any thought on what I wrote. The anon wouldn’t answer if he worked in DC or the home state HQ as if that would triangulate him.

Dead giveaway


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Good info but I think this Anon is guessing at some stuff. Firstly he called Jeff Sessions corrupt when Q has always told us to trust him. Secondly he calls FB an intelligence operation (true), but says its probably NSA. We all now know that FB is a DARPA/CIA operation.

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more like putting poison pills in with good info.

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Session is blackmailed. That's different from being inherently corrupt. Keep in mind that Sessions hired Huber for a reason.

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Yes, I noticed that too.

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Remember Pence’s wife got a letter the funeral.

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I know. And her looked totally spooked in the weeks afterwards

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Thanks for compiling this for all of us, OP.

We appreciate you.

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Kind of you - thank you. WWG1WGA

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I agree, ThanQ OP

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They are blackmailing Senateanon's senator because he had a love child with a black prostitute? I would drive to his state and vote repeatedly for him (if the Dems can do it, why can't I?) because they didn't have an abortion. He could own up to this on the Senate floor when an abortion bill came up for a vote. He would get rid of the blackmailers and win his reelection in a landslide. 1,000 upvotes for Senateanon's senator.

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Because what we need is more blacks.

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You Have More Than You Know!

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Fucking EXCELLENT find/post. Thanks to you, anon.

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Everyone should read this

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