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I hope you enjoy this video as a bit light entertainment.

I'm not implying there's any link between QAnon and The Question, but the similarities are many... and it doesn't hurt to take a break to watch something fun.

The Question is one of my favorite superheroes because he can outsmart Batman and Superman because he as no ego to stop him learning the truth. He's fully prepared to rummage through people's trash to learn the truth and he's outsmarted Superman by violently interrogating criminals in public toilets because he knows Superman won't use his x-ray vision to look into bathrooms.

The only DC hero that seems to like The Question is Batman because Batman asks for his help whenever he needs help researching a problem.

"Please - I go through everyone's trash." - The Question

"Few people even think to even ask the question." - The Question

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Highjacking thread cause I can’t post. Anyone have evidence that Trump was in Vegas during the massacre?

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I submitted your question as a new post here:

Trump In Vegas During Time Of Vegas Shooting. Anyone Have Any Evidence?

Please show me the courtesy of closely watching that post and replying to the comments.

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Stop being a newfag. You can’t get points in an anonymous verse anyways. Try harder faggot

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ill make you a thread to hijack.

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Great cartoon - so many "coincidences"

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Have you ever seen the TV show "Archer"?

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"Judaism is one of the oldest monotheistic religions and was founded over 3500 years ago in the Middle East"


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Did you know rabbinical Judaism is younger than Christianity? Oral Torah isnt understood by most, it is heresy.

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Karaite Jews reject Oral Torah altogether. Burn the Talmud and the Kabbalah.

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Here's to hoping Hollywood don't fuck it up remaking The Question as black, a woman or a transvestite ...

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You still look to Hollywood for anything?

Please stop.. It's quite liberating.

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It doesn't matter, the illusion has been broken. You can paint gold, stain it, cover it with any coating, even hide it under other materials. Gold will never tarnish, and will shine the second it is exposed to the sun.

I'm getting all metaphorical in my old age.

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Yeah on the metaphorical. I've recently taken to writing poetry because I am experiencing the same metaphorical pull. Didn't see that one coming, yet there it is.

Strange indeed the coincidences.

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Ugh, you couldn't be more right.

DC recency turned Starfire, a character's who's superpower is having massive tits as an ugly Negro with a flashing Afro.


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So that's all you want from your female superheroes? That sounds kinda boring to me.

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In the comics, they killed off the original guy, and replaced him with a Hispanic lesbian. Because inclusion.🙄

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Created by writer-artist Steve Ditko, the Question first appeared in Charlton Comics' Blue Beetle #1 (June 1967). The character was acquired by DC Comics in the early 1980s and incorporated into the DC Universe.

No coincidences...? 1967??

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there's a character on star trek the next generation named Q and he is some all knowing godlike being that is interested in the captain and his number one. likes playing games with them and testing their intelligence.

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Then there's the story called "the Watchmen", which portrays the Charleston line of comic book characters into analogues in order to tell the story. The Question is one of those Charleston characters and became the character Rorschach. A character that becomes messed up by a criminal who killed a little girl. He wears a mask that changes, meaning he has many faces, but is also a reference to Rorschach tests, which use ink blots to see how people interpret indecipherable images. In other words, dealing with how we think and perceive, since a lot of our reality is based in our own perceptions and truths.

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wife and i watched this a few days ago!

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I'm going to set aside my normal trolling here and give you some real talk:

If you enjoyed the movie, I HIGHLY recommend getting your hands on a copy of the graphic novel. I'm not even really a comic book guy and enjoyed it better than the film. And I thought the film was great.

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Wow. Add this to the list of unexplainables. Well, its only fair Q got his own media, since POTUS and his youngest son both have books about them.

DJT's book about his presidency written in 1890:


Here's Baron's he got 2 books a whole series also 1890's:



Now Q has his own media too, makes sense his is a cartoon, since he's from the chans. LOL Weird. Love it!

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I'm partway through Barron's underground journey at the moment. Getting there...

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Ya, way out there! The illustrations are great too. Love it! I wonder who the talking dog companion represents. I haven't found a copy of Ingersoll's occult based work yet though, just the video of it.

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I stumbled upon this recently.

I’m not saying Q is a time traveler, but....

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...BUT, "How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?"~Q. It's getting to THAT point pretty quickly I'd say. I mean c'mon, it's getting thick with evidence around here lol. "Future proves past" spoken like a true time traveler. I don't know about you Frens, but MY seat belt IS buckled! LOL

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Trump and Barron follow the David and Solomon archetype.

Patterns and Chaos Theory.

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Yas! Archetypes! The new bit to me was the connections to Baron with John Titor. Also back when he came out, we always said "tight-or", but recently its become "tit-or", weird. Anyways, in my tin-foil protected mind, it can't be THAT long before "coincidences" become mathematically impossible. But then again MSM says I'm crazy, so I guess we'll see since "future proves past" and all. Too much winning! ....Naaaww J/K not tired of winning yet!

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Add this to the list of unexplainables.

Only if you are a gullible rube.

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"How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?"~Q

Man you shills are nicer on the non-anon boards, LOL. We'd most likely be friends in real life. I'm happy so I don't care here's yur 25cents for yur reply, Merry Christmas, God bless (You). Remember me next time you're counting your change and hang in there WRWY. As long as you don't eat babies then, see (You) on the other side of "hive mind" Fren (You're in this "darkest corner of the internet" too bro, CNN says so). You'll see..."WWG1WGA" isn't just a catchy phrase.

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these are not the shekels you're looking for

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Back when they could be a little risque but still keep it classy

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I was disgusted by the latest Young Justice animated DC series because it introduced a Muslim character named "Halo".

Her superpowers involve being a member of the Islamic terrorist ideology of pedophilia and Christian genocide, being the world's most innocent victim of oppression and shooting healing rays from her heart like a FUCKING CARE BEAR! Her catch phrase is "It's good to be a freak" which is two degrees away from "Diversity is your strength" and her character arc was non-existent.

We can respect human rights or we can tolerate Muslims, but we can't do both.

Young Justice has become a "Get Woke Go Broke" vehicle to normalize Muslim filth.

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Welllllll, technically, Halo is only using a dead girls body. Halo is the soul that was in the Motherbox. Buuuuut I know what you mean :/

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